How to Control Cholesterol ?


Looking for tips on how to control cholesterol in Urdu, it is all here. Proper diet is a key to better health of the individual. The focus should be on a balanced diet instead of proper diet. If you eat too much, you will gain weight which results in a lot of other health problems and if you eat less it will lead you towards the weakness and weakness is an open call for the diseases to attack. A good balanced diet also helps in controlling cholesterol levels, which is important for a healthy lifestyle.

Cholesterol is one of the very important nutrition for the body. It is required to perform various functions of the human body. The liver is responsible for making the cholesterol and distributing it over to the other body parts. But again like everything else balance is required here as well. Cholesterol is an essential part of the cells for performing various cell operations. Cholesterol helps in making cell membranes. It keeps the cell walls strong and healthy.

Another very fundamental function that cholesterol has to perform in the human body is making the vitamin D. When cholesterol comes in contact with the sunlight it gets converted into vitamin D that in response strengthens the immune system. The proper cholesterol level is also beneficial for skin protecting it from various problems. Cholesterol is also responsible for digesting the fat that can be harmful for the individual body.

On the other hand, if the cholesterol level exceeds from the normal it can create a real problem. Cholesterol travels into the body through the blood and if the level of cholesterol increases it makes the blood thick which create difficulty in its circulation resulting heart attack. The irregularity and disturbance in the blood flow also affect the kidneys and liver. The very well known disadvantage about which you usually hear from people is weight gain. Cholesterol increases the amount of fat in the body resulting weight gain.

Controlling the cholesterol level in the body to keep you healthy is very easy. All you have to do is to keep an eye on the amount of cholesterol you are taking in. Cholesterol level increases in the body with the excessive use of oily food, eggs and meat. so instead of taking them, increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Try eating things containing fiber like oatmeal. White meat is very good for controlling cholesterol so do take fish, preferably those having omega 3, routine wise like two times a week.

The use of olive oil especially with green salads is very fastidious combination for controlling the cholesterol level as it contains antioxidants. So collectively eat natural and avoid the junk.


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