Choosing the perfect lipstick shade seems to be an issue for many women. The perfect Lipstick color is not as complicated to find as you might think. In fact, it is quite simple. The secret of finding the Perfect lipstick shade that will enhance your natural beauty, lies is in your natural lip color that is the key to make right choice. The main thing about Lip Shade is “Find a Lipstick That Looks Good on your Face When Your Face is Makeup free”.
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How to Choose Best Lipstick

Choosing Lipstick Shade Tips
We are providing you some tips to tell you how to choose best lipstick shade?

  • First of all find out your skin tone by looking on your wrist in bright but natural light. if the color of your vein is bluish then your skin tone is you have cool undertone otherwise warm.
  • The shade of lipstick should be darker 2 or 3 times (number) from your original lip color.
  • The best way to select a good shade is that you should apply one shade on the upper lip and then apply a darker shade on the lower lip and select the good one according to your skin complexion.
  • You can also use lip liner of dark color along with lipstick to enhance the beauty of lips.
  • Another important point is that if you are applying eyeshade of dark color then use lipstick of light color. Means the color of lipstick should be opposite to the eyeshade.
  • For casual dresses you should use lipstick of light or natural color.
  • You should choose the color of lipstick according to your skin complexion of face. For example if your complexion is dark then don’t use lipstick of bright colors like red or maroon. It looks bad.
  • Test the shade of lipstick in natural light while purchasing lipstick. It is the best way to test not only the lipstick shade but also other cosmetics products.
  • Blend of 2 or more colors also look good but choose the colors that suit on your face. You can also blend lipstick with shining gloss to get a unique beautiful shade. Use of gloss makes your lips to look soft and beautiful.
  • For fair complexion the suitable shade is of roses or pink and for dim complexion light colors are suitable.
  • You hair also counts a lot. Consider the color of your hair while selecting the lipstick shade.


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