How to Choose Best Hair Color? Hair Color Tips in Urdu


We provide you Hair Color ideas or Tips for the natural hair color as well as creative coloring techniques. Coloring hair is perhaps the quickest & most dramatic way to change your look but your new hair color should complement your skin tone. Different shades suit with different hairstyles, skin tones, eye colors & clothing.

The trend to dye the hair in different colors is very getting common in these days. Especially girls are more willing to get their hair dye. But to dye the hair can be very dangerous for your hair because hair dyes are full of chemicals and can damage your hair.

Tips to Choose Best Hair Color for You

  • First of all wash your hair with shampoo that makes your hair to look shiny and beautiful.
  • Your skin complexion, eye color and the natural color of the hair should be taken into consideration while choosing the hair color.
  • Another important thing is the gloves that are necessary to dye your hair. Gloves protect your hands from the harmful chemicals of the hair color.
  • A towel is also required and used towel is better to use while dying.
  • You can also dye your hair by mixing 2 tbs of hair color in conditioner and use this hair conditioner after washing your hair with shampoo.
  • Mehndi is considered as a natural hair dye. Mix lemon juice, egg, milk and vinegar in Mehndi and then apply on your hair for beautiful shade.
  • Blow dryer and straightener are harmful for the hair because the hot steam of the straightener damages the hair texture and also makes them dry.
  • Always wash your hair with cool water because warm water makes your dye color fade.
  • Avoid exposure of your dyed hair to the sun light for long lasting hair color.
  • Use permanent hair colors to dye your hair otherwise you have to dye again after 4 to 8 weeks.
  • If you don’t want to dye your all hair then streaking is a best way to dye the hair. It gives a highlighting effect to your hair.
  • Some hair colors need much care to be used like grey, purple and blue (Ash colors) because if they mixed up with any other color then the resultant shade can be very odd like green.


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