How to Apply Liquid Foundation?


Liquid foundation is very important factor to consider before starting face makeup. You need to apply liquid foundation with great care and patience as it is like the foundation of whole makeup that is to be applied later. A good makeup can never be achieved without having proper makeup foundation. The liquid foundation art is as much necessary as the art of makeup for a good beautician. The right selection of color and use of quality products is very important in this regard. Here are some instructions that can help you when you are applying liquid foundation on face.

How to Apply Liquid Foundation

  • First, you need to have hair band, cleaners, powder brush, moisturizers and necessary supplies along with liquid foundation liquid close to you.
  • Tie your hairs with hair band so that you do not have any problem during makeup.
  • Put some moisturizer on face before applying liquid foundation. Use moisturizer according to your skin. It should be used only for dry skin and there is no need of moisturizer for normal skin.
  • Always use sunscreen lotion to provide protection to skin from harmful sun rays.
  • According to some beauty experts, clean your face of excessive moisturizer after the absorption of moisturizer so that liquid foundation is applied properly. It is better to wait for 10 to 15 minutes then start applying liquid foundation.
  • You should choose foundation according to your skin. If it is suitable to your skin tone then it gives a natural look and glow. Going for excessively light colors will make you look odd and won’t match with rest of your body.
  • Pour a little amount of liquid foundation then stroke it slowly on major parts of face and after that spread it gradually on entire face.
  • Use your middle finger for applying liquid foundation around your eyes and nose.
  • Use a new sponge every time because it usually gets spoiled by liquid foundation. Foundation is also not applied properly at the end because of the quality of the sponge so it is better to use synthetic sponge for foundation because it is more lasting. You can also reuse a quality sponge by letting it dry first before using it is with liquid foundation.
  • Clean all the foundation properly from your hair. You can use soft brush to make face foundation even and beautiful. You can also use small quantity of powder if you skin is oily. The use of this soft brush can prevent your skin from being oilier.

You should take precautionary measures when applying liquid foundation. Always use new sponge and use small quantity of foundation. A large quantity of liquid foundation applied may harden and it may spread when it is cleaned. If there is only one sponge, then wash it with a mild soap water and use it when it is dry. You should apply liquid foundation slowly because it can make your makeup more beautiful if it is applied properly. Keep in mind these instructions because they can easily make your makeup beautiful with the help of these simple guidelines.


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