How to Apply Face Powder


Of all the cosmetic face powder is the one that is most widely and commonly used. The main reason behind its popularity and such a wide usage is that it is extremely easy to apply. It helps woman to apply a good make up on her face in just two minutes.
Face powders are basically of two types, loose powder and pressed powder. They can be used in different ways but here we will list down the easiest method yet very effective.

  • First of all apply foundation on your entire face.
  • Once you have applied foundation rub gently loose powder on the face with the help of a brush.
  • To apply face powder use either fluffy brush or powder puff and gently apply the powder starting from the one side of the face.
  • Once you have fully applied the powder, clean it gently from your face until it matches with your skin complexion or apply another colour of face powder.
  • Clean your brush once you are satisfied with the make up  After cleaning it, gently rub it again on your face to balance the make up if there was any irregular pattern of the powder on the face.
  • At the end apply the pressed powder with a clean brush which will keep your face fresh all day.
  • If you are exposed to sunlight, then you can apply sunscreen powder on your make up to save the face powder from the extreme heat.

The fact cannot be ignored that beauty, elegance and make up go hand in hand and there is no way a woman can ignore it. It does not matter what type of make up is sought, it is always necessary to use the right elements at the right places to make it look more than just enchanting and face powder is one of those basic elements.


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