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The primary purpose of make-up is to make you look more beautiful and presentable. Most people think that make-up is just to paint face temporarily, but it is actually not the case. Make-up is actually used to improve the complexion as well as develop the personality. A good and neat make-up can make you stand out in the crowd.

If you don’t know how to apply, what to apply and to what extent a particular ingredient should be applied then even the most costly make-up material can’t produce better results. Face make-up differs from person to person as it depends upon the personality of a person and nature of the skin. Only practice can make one perfect, more often you apply make-up with great concentration better your skills get in applying make-up.

Before applying face make-up the few things which you must keep to yourself are foundation, mascara, eye shadow and brush, blush brush, face powder, waterproof mascara, lipstick, lip glass, eye and other basic make-up material included in the make-up kit. Here we will list down the step by step guide for face make-up.


How to Apply Face Makeup


  • First of all wash your face and hands properly. After washing the face apply shades on your face which should be definitely lighter than the foundation and should not be applied around the eyes circles.
  • Choose the foundation that matches your skin tone and first apply it on the centre on the face. After applying it on the centre spread it gently all over your face so that it doesn’t gather on one side only.
  • After applying foundation gently apply the pressed powder or loose powder on the face to conform the facial skin for foundation.
  • After applying foundation, you need to apply make-up on eyebrows. It is recommended to use eyebrow powder rather than an eyebrow pencil as it gives a natural look. To apply powders on eyebrows use a hard slanted brush. After applying eye powder use eye-liner to colour lower lid of line lashes. It is recommended to use cake eye-liner.
  • Apply mascara on lashes in two light coats. Don’t apply thick layers of mascara as it will make eye make-up irrelevant from the rest of the make-up. If your skin complexion is fair than it is recommended to apply brown mascara while women with brown complexion should apply black mascara.
  • After completing the eye make-up apply light pink blusher on the cheeks.
  • At the end apply the lipstick. Choose the lipstick colour that matches your make-up.

The key behind the good make-up is to choose the colour according to your skin complexion. Don’t try to copy anyone because the nature of the skin varies from person to person. Choose the one that you feel suits you best.

How to Apply Face MakeupHow to Apply Face Makeup in Urdu



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