How Technology Has Ruined Your Childhood Toys?


Your childhood used to be the most interesting and the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced. Same is the case with me. I know we have spent a good lot of time playing around in the streets and with neighbors whenever we used to get the time. But now the times have changed. Things have changed. Because of the recent security issues and changed world, parents do not feel it secure to send their children out of their homes. Moreover, technology has taken its toll and it’s rolling of everything that we posses. Gone are the times when there used to be mechanical toys and manual stuff to deal with. Even in terms of toys. Now our children have been given the toys which belong to the latest technology. They have been given the latest gadgets in their hands and they have forgotten the essence of those old toys which used to be the charms of our lives in our childhood. I will give you some of the examples from our own childhood toys that have been taken over and re-developed by the latest technological measures for the children to have a different type of enjoyment with them.

1. The old crying Doll and the New Singing & Dancing Doll

Girls, do you remember that doll your mom used to get you every birthday for sure? It was the beautiful crying doll. She used to cry and open and close her eyes when you wanted her to sit and then to sleep. You used to play with it, get her new clothes and treat her like your little sister. Now she has been replaced by the Barbie doll and the dancing and singing doll that can sing you songs when you put the batteries in it. Now those crying dolls do not look fascinating to the young girls anymore.

2. The Manual Top With The New Bay Blade

We used to play with the tops which were made with the button or a string that we used to draw and then it used to roll in fast circular motions on the floor. But now, children have got the new bay blades by watching the new cartoons made on them and the advanced automatic running technology they work on. If the children of this day and age look at the old ones, they will find them stupid for sure.

3. The Old Traditional Cars vs. the Remote Control Cars

The cars at our time used to be manual. If they were not manual, the little automatic inn them used to be the drawstring or the batteries they used. But now, we get these remote control cars which the children can control just by standing at one place. They have got rechargeable batteries, horns and super speeds which make their experience feel much like the real car experience. They do not like the small toy cars now; they need big and attractive remote control freaks.

This is not it. There are many other toys that have been affected by the technological boom in our society and our children like the experiences for sure. But it is only us who can understand what those toys meant to us in our childhood and how they have been crushed by the technology.


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