How Many Calories in Roti


How Many Calories in Roti :Roti is a common eatery in Asian cuisines. It is made of flour mixed with water and some spices according to its type. How many calories are there in a roti? is quiet a common question from many diet followers. People who want to loose or gain weight need to know the calories in roti.  A normal roti contains 80-110 calories. It is very good source of carbohydrates and  vitamins. Roti has no cholesterol or trans fat and loaded with fibre, calcium and iron. But one should be very careful about the consumption of roti while on diet. In order to know how many calories are in roti, we must need to know what type of roti we are adding in menu. Roti has different names according to how it is made. Here are some of them.

  1. Chapati is usually made from flour mixed with water and a pinch of salt. Dough is kneaded well until mixed and than roti is made from this dough.  
  2. Paratha, mostly a favourites eatery for breakfast. Oil or ghee is applied to roti to make paratha. Sometimes oil is mixed in dow as well to make partha more rich and crispy in taste. It is than eaten with gravy or eggs. 
  3. Tandoori roti is made in special ground dig stove heated with coals. 
  4. Besan roti is made with Besan and some spices added along with onion and garlic. Not all rotis are made with wheat. Other grains are also grinded to make perfect flour for different flavors of roti. Besan roti is also called missi roti. 
  5. Jowar roti is made with jowar flour. This roti is considered best subsitute of normal roti for health conscious people. 
  6. Whole wheat roti is made with unfiltered wheat flour. It is slightly heavier and bigger in size than chapati. 
  7. Wheat flour roti is made with filtered wheat flour. Whole grain flour is filtered to seperate wheat flour,  sooji and white flour (meda).

Now we know different types of rotis so it is important to know the calorie intake as well.How many calories in Roti with Ghee and without ghee? A normal healthy male can consume two tbsp of ghee in his daily diet. While a female needs one and half tbsp of ghee in daily diet, providing they are not taking any other source of fats. Ghee raises calories of roti. It converts roti into paratha. One tbsp of ghee contains 135 calories. And a roti without ghee is already 85-110 calories. So add ghee many calories in Roti with oil and without oil? One tbsp of oil contains 110-120 calories. Not all fats is bad for body.Infact our body needs  good fats to function properly. One chapati with oil contains 200-250 calories.How many calories in Roti Salan? A simple chapati is lightest form of flour roti and can contain upto 110 calories. A plate of gravy (known as salan)  contains more than 1000 calories sometimes depending upon type of gravy. All we need is a careful portion control to mantain our health and diet.How many calories in Roti and Sabzi?Both roti and vegetables are very good source of fibre and are highly recommended for daily diet menu. A plate of vegetable gravy can contain as less as 200 calories and as high as upto 1000 calories. It is better to make vegetables with less oil and limited amount of spices. Vegetables are at their best nutritional value when consumed raw or boiled. Try adding olive oil for powerful healthy effect. How many calories in Paratha Roti? Paratha is tasty but high source for calories intake. One paratha can contain upto 500 calories which is almost equal to a big peice of cake slice. A paratha is good for health if you eat it less often. It contains fats that are good for body. Ofcourse our body can’t live with zero fat policy. We need healthy fats for proper functioning and heart health. Try using coconut oil on paratha which is less in calories or olive oil which is good for heart health. Avoid using ghees and oils that has less healthy affects in bargain to calorie intake. With careful consumption, anyone can make their diet healthy. How many calories in Besan Roti? A besan roti can provide upto 200 calories. Calorie intake will raise if you are going to make oil loaded besan paratha.  
No matter what type of roti you are consuming, they can be healthy choice if made with calorie control. Portion control diet is best for your health which don’t eliminates anything from your diet. It just minimize the amount you are consuming according to your calorie need. A normal portion control contains six cd size rotis daily( only if you don’t consume any other source of carbohydrates. For fibre you can consume as much fibre as you wish daily. Other sources of fibre are vegetables). Overall, roti is good source of fibre and carbohydrates and add a lot of value in a healthy diet chart .


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