Natural Homemade Remedies to Make Nails Stronger


Healthy Natural Nails always look beautiful, whether you wear nail polish or not. A normal healthy nail is firm, flexible and appears to be slightly pink in color. Its surface is smooth, cured and unspotted, without any hollows or wavy ridges. Nail Care is really important and because of that, many of us take time to get our Mani – pedicure on regular basis but then thrash our hands and feet in our routines work. Different things can cause a person to have weak fingernails. In this article, we suggest you Nail Care Tips by which you can get Strong and Healthy Nails Naturally.

Home Remedies to Make Nails Stronger

  • Add olive oil in Luke warm water; dip your nails in it for 20 minutes. You can repeat this process once in a day.
  • For the natural shine of nails, massage your nails with petroleum jelly on daily basis. Then remove remaining jelly with cotton.
  • After getting a bath, dry up your nails with towel and apply cream or any moisturising lotion because soap makes your nails dry and weak and this cream would give strength and moisture to the nails.
  • Pink color of the nails shows that your nails are healthy but if nail color is of yellowish shade then you can massage with coconut oil or you can use lemon peel to rub on your nails for having pink nails.
  • For the smooth nails surface, make a mixture of 1 Tbs of pineapple, egg’s yolk, 1 Tbs of vinegar and apply this mixture on your nails for half an hour then wash your nails and dry them up with towel.
  • Do not cut nails cuticles while cutting your nails.
  • Wear gloves during cooking, dish washing and gardening.
  • Massage your nails with the oil that is rich in vitamins to give strength to the nails.
  • If you are fond of nail polishes then make sure that the nail color you buy should be of prime quality and don’t wear it for more than 3 – 4 days otherwise it makes your nails dull and weak.
  • Transparent nails shiner are available in the market, you can also buy that one to have shiny and glowing nails.
  • Garlic juice is very popular to strengthen the nails. Apply garlic juice on your nails with the help of cotton ball and wash after an hour.
  • Some women like to wear artificial nails, if you do the same then it is advised to remove those artificial nails within 2 or 3 days because these nails can cause nail allergy.

Below are the Home Remedies to make Nails Healthy and Strong in Urdu language.


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