Home Remedies for Hair Growth in Urdu


Remedies for Hair Growth: Long hair is considered as a sign of beauty especially in Asia. Every girl wishes to have long and strong hair but due to pollution and unhealthy diet it has become difficult to have shiny and long hair.  One should pay proper attention to his/her diet to get internal strength. The food we eat should contain the required vitamins and proteins, as these are very important for the growth of hair and play a key part in hair growth. The homemade remedies for hair growth are also beneficial for the hair of every type.

Hair fall is a major problem for most of the people. Hair falls usually in morning time. Hair length is important in hair fall as 4 inch hair falls 80 hairs on average daily, 12 inch hair loss 26 or 27 hair daily and hair above 20 inch loss 16 hair daily on average. And the average of hair growth is 6 inches per year.

You will find the remedies for long hair in the following lines that will surely help you a lot.

Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Take Care of Your Hair:

For the nourishment of the hair, the use of conditioner is very essential. Natural conditioner is far better than the conditioners that are available in market. For making a natural conditioner, take an egg and half cup of yogurt, blend these ingredients well then apply this mixture on the hair. After applying this mixture, wait for two hours then wash it with shampoo.

Hair growth rate per month is ½ to ¼ inch but the main hurdle in hair growth is dandruff. For removing dandruff, you should try the mixture of mustard oil and eggs yolk. It makes your hair soft and dandruff free.

Massage for Long Hair:

Smooth blood circulation induces the speedy growth to the hair; hair massage increases the blood circulation and increased circulation speed up the growth of hair. For hair massage, take an egg, coconut oil, and honey to make a mixture then massage with it for 15 minutes with light hands. Repeat this process once in a week.

Trim your hair ends once in a month; it is also a good way to increase the growth of the hair.

Aloe Vera and Honey:

Take Aloe Vera gel and apply on hair roots. Massage with fingertips and then wash your hair after 20 minutes. It will help you to have long hair.Read Home Remedies for Hair Growth in Urdu Below:


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