History Of Online Education


Online education system is a system that has been newly introduced in the world of technology and education but the roots for this kind of education system date back to the 1960s when the idea of teaching and providing resource material for education through the channel of computer technology was introduced.

This idea was initiated first of all in the University of Illinois and Stanford University. Before we go deep into the history of Online Education, we need to first understand the basic concept of Online Education.

Online Education:

Online education, with the recent definition is the concept based on the method of teaching and learning through the channel of internet. It includes the use of computer to connect to the data that is available online that is, on the internet. This method is gaining fame and the number of students enrolled in the online educational institutions is increasing with every passing day. The reasons for such fame of the online education are:

  • Students get all the information very easily.
  • They can manage their time and schedule with online classes.
  • They do not have to take the trouble of moving from place to place to attend the lectures and pursue the degree.
  • It is easy and cheap.
  • The universities situated miles away can be easily accessed through the internet.

These are some reasons for which the students prefer to get enrolled in the online universities and pursue their education there.

History of Online Education:

As we were discussing earlier, the concept of online education began by the concept of education through the use of computers.
In the university of Illinois, where the students were exposed to learning through the use of linked computers primarily attached to a device disseminating some recording of the lectures which the students would get to hear through the use of linked computers in the classroom.

In the same time, there in the Stanford University, were experimenting on the use of computer to teach math and teaching the students at elementary level.

Luskin, in 1963, installed first computer in a community college which was used for the first time as a tool to teaching.
With this, many institutions began to introduce computer associated learning for students which facilitated efficient learning. A time came when the colleges and universities began to offer distance learning system by the computer networking. This was used by the high level institutions for specific courses. Tools were not yet developed to this an extent as they are now.


Now is the age when this method of teaching is at its full swing. It has also become a part of regular and acceptable way of teaching and achieving degrees. More material and efficient learning is being provided to the student’s through the internet than through any other mean of imparting education. People get to take admissions not only at college level but it goes to the doctorate level as well. Universities that people used to dream of for getting education are now in their very reach.


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