History Of Jahangir Tomb | History Of Jahangir In Urdu


Noor ud din the fourth king of Mughal family who was also known as Jahangir. King Akbar’s kids used to die in age of infancy and he was the first of his kids who survived. Mother of Jahangir was renowned Rajput Queen Maryam Alzamani. He was born in monastery of a renowned saint in Hindustan. This monastery was situated near Agra. Name of the born prince was decided after the name of this scholar. There is a tradition that this prince was born with the prayers of this scholar. And Akbar used to call his son as Sheikhoo baba and he in great reverence did not want to speak the pious name of this saint with his tongue.

Although his education and brought up was done under special circumstances but he couldn’t escape from the effects of circumstances of palace. The relation between son and father was so worsened that it caused a revolt in 1599-1600. Jahangir thought that Abul Fazal, a Nobel of his father’s court, was poisoning his father’s ears. So he planned to kill this Nobel and after killing him he sent Abul Fazal’s head in court of Akbar at Allahabad. These circumstances affected Akbar’s health significantly and eventually he grew weak and died in 1605. After the death of Akbar, Jahangir was named as fourth king of Mughal family as per the will of Akbar. Short after he took the charge of king office he had to face opposition by his own son Khusroo who was also nephew of prince Maan Singh. He thought that rajputs would support him in rebellion so he flew from Agra to Lahore which he later found was his mistake.
Before owning the crown Jahangir did not have serious attitude towards matters of the state but as soon as he became king he changed his entire attitude and he started considering these matters more seriously. His public considered him as a fair man and he used to treat his people with care. In his palace he hanged a bell with a golden chain and every citizen was allowed to ask for the help any time by ringing this bell. His ruling period was considered as period of prosperity. Jahangir died at the age of 58 after ruling for 22years. Due to the critical circumstances his dead body was not given proper rituals and was just buried. The place where he was buried at was selected by Noor Jahan and she from her own pocket constructed a marvelous tomb over his grave. Jahangir is buried near Shahdra in Lahore and his tomb is one of the masterpieces of artistic works of Mughal period.


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