China: History Of Chinese Civilization In Urdu Language


China is considered to be one of the ancient human civilizations. The Chinese civilization also has a credit to invent its own written language. Others civilizations include Mesopotamia, Indus Civilization, Maya Civilization and Ancient Egypt Civilizations. The Chinese language is used only in China, Japan and up to some extent in Korea and Vietnam. It is the only language in which the whole sentence can be symbolized by a single word.

According to the archaeological evidences, the people of China use to exist in 2.25 Million years ago. These people were look alike of human beings and actually were Homo erectus. The oldest evidence of existence of the human beings in China was discovered from Liujiangand is a skull bone. It is estimated to be at least 66,000 years old. Similarly a partial skeleton has also been found in areas of Minatogawa which is 18,000 years old.

According to the Chinese resources, the first kingdom began from Rreyaba Kingdom. The archaeologists have unveiled the city areas and the use of copper in the tombs. Historically, the first kingdom was of Shang. Then the rule of Shang was ended by Rrao who attacked from the western side. Many of other rulers came and play their part in the history as the king; these include Aaun, Hinn, Suii, Twang, Sonaat, Yuan, Saung, Ming, Aung, Poi and Qang.

On 1st January 1912 Republic of China was founded which ended the rule of Qang. Son Yat Sin of Nationalist Party was made the provincial governor but Sin was removed by a Qang General Shikaai with the help of a conspiracy. But before Shikaai could enforce his rule effectively he died of natural death. After this many of the rulers of the tribes reinstated their sovereignty in their respective areas. The Second World War made everyone to join their forces and defeated Japan but after the war China was economically tarnished. Due to many conflicts between the nationalists and communists the clashes were reborn which further destroyed the economy of the state.

Communists turned out to be the victors and they claimed the main land of China from nationalists. They founded Peoples Republic of China in 1949 and Arawasi was declared as the part of the government. The central government was forced to leave Taiwan. The war between the two sides was over in 1950 but technically, it was still prevailing.

In 1970 China strengthened its grip on Taiwan, Taipei, Fujian and Kaohsiung by culminating democracy in these parts. In 1997, Hong Kong was handed over to China by Great Britain and in 1999, Macao was released by Portugal. Today the Republic of China is expanded up to Taiwan and the People’s Republic has the control over the main land.


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