History and Geography of Syria


The history and geography of Syria is very interesting and important to know because of its historical value.


Syria is the ancient city of Middle East that is consisted of 92% Muslim population and total area of the Syria is 185180 square kilometer. The country has Turkey in north, Arabian Sea and Lebanon in west, Israel and Jordan south while in east it has Iraq. The population of the Syria is 19, 929, 000 persons and this country always remains the center of attraction for the neighboring countries due to its geographical and agricultural significance.

In second century B.C, the Hittite Kingdome conquered the country and then after that, there were number of states that ruled on the Syria. Romans ruled the country for many years and named it as “Romans Province.” After Romans Umayyad ruled the country and it became the Islamic empire. Until 19th century, it was ruled by Ottoman Empire but in 1918, French and British government took over the charge of the Syria. In the same year, a person named as Faisal Bin Hussain conquered the some states of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan, that leaded to the division of Syria in six states. It was 1932, when the independence of Syria was announced for the first time but was French were against of its independence. After the Second World War, both France and United Kingdom had to face brutal economical conditions due to which they decide to give freedom to the Syria and finally on 17 April 1946 Syria became an independent country.

Current situation:

Majority of the people of Syria are Muslims and remaining part of the population consists of Christians, Jews etc. During last few years, many factories of different industries were incorporated in Aleppo and Damascus (capital of Syria) that are playing a vital role in the progress of the country. A pipeline of an Iraqi petroleum company is passing through the country and Syria receives a handsome as Royalty from Iraq.

Syria is an Islamic country that has presidential and democratic government system. The country ruled by the president Basharat Ul Asad and its prime minister is Riyad Farid Hijab. It is an agricultural country that is very popular for its agricultural production of wheat, barley, pulses etc. Except these, Syria is admired for the silk and glasswork in all over the world. Decoration pieces and crystal pots of Aleppo are very well known and exported to the other countries.


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