Heart Disease Symptoms


Heart Disease Symptoms: Heart disease is a condition that occurs on similar levels in men and women but that does not mean that the similarity exists on every level. By a research it is recorded that the heart of men gets prone to heart disease threats earlier than women.

Similarly the symptoms and the situations in which both the genders experience heart problems are also based on different terms depending upon the biological and physiological make up of men and women. It is also greatly based in the psychological makeup of both types of patients as well.

Here, we will discuss the problem of heart disease and its symptoms that occur in men and then we will discuss the ways by which they can stay prevented by it.

Heart Disease Symptoms

  • Research tells us that while examining the symptoms of heart problems in the patients, where women experience pain in the back and shoulder, men go through a severe pain radiating from their heart to their right arm. This symptom is not reported exactly in women in the study and they are less likely to go through such intensity of pain through which men have to go.
  • The other symptom that men go through is the chest pain that is caused by the stress on the heart muscles. It is also recorded mostly in men than women.

If you are a man then you should not only look for these two symptoms only. There are other symptoms that can help you notice that there is some problem going on with your heart.

  • If you experience dizziness and nausea without any specific reason then you should think about it that it can also be a symptom that your heart is not keeping well with you.
  • Whenever you do physical work, you experience fatigue. No doubt every man at certain level of practical work experiences that but if you notice that you are experience this fatigue more than usual or necessary this would be directly pointing a question to the well keeping of your heart.
  • There is another symptom that is commonly associated with your heart trouble. This symptom is the shortness of breath. Those patients who have got heart diseases experience shortness of breath even after walking a few steps ahead. This is because the heart is not putting up with the metabolic work and the oxygen supply is lacking. When your heart is not working properly it cannot bear these kinds of stresses from outside and makes you feel out of breath and tired.

If you want to stay away from troubles then you should manage your activity, food and routine with great care. It is not necessary that it is only the aged men who will suffer from heart disease but this problem s is getting common in young people and children as well. so it is better to take care for yourself rather than falling into the disease and then working hard to not die and to try to live just another day of your life. Life is a gift; take care of it just like your take care of your loved ones. Respect what has been given to you by God.


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