Heart Disease from Smoking-


All my readers who are into smoking need to read this article and I want their attention focused right here to what I am going to say. Smoking is normally a difficult thing to leave. When you start smoking you get attracted to it and want to have it more because it contains chemicals in it that make you feel relaxed and diverted from the daily life troubles. Normally the people who go through depression and anxiety get into this habit so they can avoid troubles and the mental torment they go through.

All of this is justified, your tensions, your reasons to run away from the reality are a justified thing. You think about getting away from them, everyone does of course because we all need to stay happy and relaxed but have you ever given a thought that what would become if you become a chain smoker. You do not think about the fact that the things you are trying to run away from using this mean is actually taking you to the depth of problems.

Smoking is normally associated to lungs from its harmful aspects and properties and much less focus is given to the heart diseases. Smoking is a major problem which might delay the lung issues or these issues might not occur at a major level in the long run of life but heart troubles come very easily and very often. Those who smoke get into much greater troubles of heart than any other patient of heart diseases.

How actually Smoking affects the Heart?

The point of thought that needs to be explained to the ordinary smoker is the process by which smoking causes heart troubles because until they know what they are getting into, they would not get ready to leave this crummy habit once and for all.

  • Smoking affects your blood vessels because it contains dangerous chemicals.
  • It kills your blood cells by the chemicals which damages their proper functioning in the heart and in your entire body.
  • Smoking develops a certain kind of plaque into your coronary arteries which affects the flow of blood and the regulation of blood pressure and this is normally called as Coronary Heart Disease.
  • It makes your blood unhealthy and the dangerous chemicals which enter your blood through smoking get transported to other body parts.
  • It can create the problems of vessel stiffness and the formation of emboli normally called as clots which block the blood flow.

These are the regular and very usual ways by which smoking affects your heart and the systems related to your heart. If you keep on smoking it can turn out to be fatal for you because your heart will have to face the results of your smoking. You must try every bit of hard and difficult to get over your smoking habit. You have to make sure that you live a happy life then you will have to kill this habit before this habit kills you.


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