Healthy Diet for Working Women


Healthy eating can be a challenging task for professional women because they are occupied with their work and can’t easily manage to prepare meals at home. It’s a common practice that working women mostly rush towards their office with a cup of coffee and some cookies or slice of bread and jam. Evening snack is chocolate or any biscuit. They usually dine out at lunch with friends and mostly eat junk foods that are totally unhealthy and detrimental to their health. Taking healthy diet is essential because compromising over health can lead to serious disorders and other complications in the long run.

Today we are going to tell you some healthy diet for working women. And hope all the professional women will like these healthy diet suggestions.

Whole-Wheat Cereals- a Perfect Breakfast

Get a variety of whole-wheat cereals in your kitchen cabinet and use in breakfast. These are rich in vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Their high-fiber content makes them healthy and energizing too. These cereals are good to improve your digestive system and prevent laziness. You’ll stay active all day. Cereals made with corn, barley and wheat are mostly consumed. Add warm milk in it and top up with some nuts to get more nourishment. Preparing any breakfast cereals hardly takes five minutes or less, which means it’s an ideal breakfast for busy working moms.

Fresh Fruits, Juicy Snacks

At mid-morning or any time between meals, eat fresh fruits instead of junk foods. You can use any seasonal fruit including apple, banana, guava, grapes, orange, peach, pear and so on. Making a mix of several fruits is a great nourishing snack. It’s not only healthy but also tasteful. Peel the skin, dice nicely and you’re ready to eat. Squeeze some lemon juice and add honey to improve taste and enhance nutritive value.

Salads and Pasta to Add Variety

Are you bored of taking same foods daily? Try different salads and pasta like macaroni and egg noodles because they are rich in essential nutrients and also have high satiety value. These foods keep your stomach filled and are much better than having unhealthy snacks. Adding meat and veggies into them makes them more delicious and nourishing. It becomes a rich snack and can be prepared instantly using various pasta mixes.

Eggs and Milk-Great Sources of Protein

Many women skip milk and eggs in their diet. They must include them in regular food. Milk especially is a highly nourishing drink rich in calcium, which is required for strong bones and teeth. It also provides magnesium, phosphorus, and protein. Get two or three cups daily and use skimmed version if you’re overweight and too diet-conscious. It’s a great alternate to sugar-rich soda drinks.

Eggs are an excellent food as well and very nourishing. You can boil some a day ahead and consume in breakfast or snack time. Sprinkle some black pepper over that and enjoy.

Ready-to-Eat Foods

Today, there is a huge variety of ready-to-eat foods in the market. Some are partially cooked and need to fry or bake for a few minutes. These are an ideal choice and time-saving option for working women. Make sure these are up to the health standards.

If you like the above-mentioned ideas about healthy diet for working women, do share these tips with other working women too. 🙂


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