Health Benefits Of Fruit Peels And Vegetables Peel


In both summer and winter, people love to eat fruits and vegetables because of their good taste and nutrients. In Pakistan, a large variety of fruits and vegetables is available, which is also a rich source of minerals and vitamins and can be eaten in both forms, cooked & uncooked. People prefer to eat fruits and vegetables after peeling them off without knowing the fact that what nutrients those peels are having. Studies show that there are some fruit peels, rich in vitamins and proteins. Peels appeals are given in this article for your health.

Benefits of Orange Peel:

A natural solvent named as “De’lemnon” is present in orange peel that saves you from skin cancer. University of Arizona revealed that the regular use of orange peel protects you from “Squasmous cell carcin” is a type of skin cancer. The best way to eat orange peel is by making orange juice along with its peel.

Benefits of Potato Peel:

Potato with peels contains 10% more nutrients than peeled off potato. You can cook potato with its peel; it does not change the taste of potato.

Benefits of Carrot Peel:

Carrot contains “Falcarindiol” that is good to eat. Choose carrot of small size because it has thin covering on it. You can eat carrot or can drink its juice.

Benefits of Eggplant Peel:

Eggplant is of purple color and that color is derived from “Nansun”, and “Anthocyanin” present in its peel. Its peel is equally delicious as its internal part. You can cook it in different ways and out those, one is to make the slices of eggplant and fry them.

Benefits of Cucumber Peel:

A green colored pigment is found in the peel of cucumber that is called Chlorophyll. Cucumber can be used in salad or you can make its juice.

Benefits of Tomato Peel:

Tomato is very beneficial for the heart as it protects heart from getting an attack. Same is the property of its peel that protects you from cancer and heart diseases. You can make juice of tomato and add salt in it to develop its taste. Tomatoes are widely used in salads and in many other dishes; you can peel off tomatoes and then add these peels later on.

Benefits of Apple Peel:

Apple’s peel is 9 times healthier than its pulp and its 75% of fibers are present in its peel. Apple contains hundreds of elements that have capability of fighting against the diseases.

Benefits of Fiber Peel:

Fiber is important part of the daily diet. According to the American Heart Association, your daily diet should have 25 gm of fiber and you can get those fibers from fruits and vegetables peels.Below are the Health Benefits and some Fruits and Vegetable Peels in Urdu Language.


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