Health Tips for Winter Season

As the winter falls, it brings with it so many health problems and disorders. We need to be more conscious about our health and the health of our kids as the weather changes. Today in this article i amĀ gonna share some useful and easy to adopt health tips for winter season.

Apparently winter season is considered as good, but if we consider from health/medical point of view, it brings so many allergies, skin problems, cough, fever, influenza and much more. In this article, I have tried to mention some homemade health tips for winter season to help you out of so many health complications.

So avail these few tips and help yourself and your kith and kin in being healthy.

Useful Health Tips for Winter Season

  1. Eat those foods or take those drinks which are particular for winter season as soup or fish.
  2. Change your clothing or dressing style from that of summer as both have a hell of difference. Put on heavy shawls, sweaters, jackets and joggers etc so that winter season may not catch you up.
  3. The intake of tea, coffee or at least hot milk is necessary in winter season.
  4. Do not wander bare footed or bare headed in the open air as you may fall ill.
  5. Avoid the use of ice creams or such chill foods or drinks as they may lead to cough or influenza.
  6. Avoid bathing in the evening as it carries worst results.
  7. Immediately dry up your head and body soon after taking bath and it would be better to take a boiled egg along with a cup of tea after bathing.
  8. Avoid oiling/ massaging hair with oil at night as because of it your head soon catches cold and you may suffer from headache.
  9. Beware of too much spicy and junk foods as they can be a source of influenza or such other winter related health problems.
  10. Check the room temperature, if it is too low then the normal then it would be better to keep a charcoal burner or heater in the room for two hours in the day and three hours at night to bring the temperature to a moderate and bearable ratio. If you are going to do so then it is compulsory to keep an open bowl of water in the room so that there may occur no oxygen deficiency.

These too much simple precautions or health tips for winter season are very easy to adopt as there can be no compromise over health. You just have to pick these health tips for winter season and put them in your routine. Now you can boldly challenge the winter to how can it dare to cause you or your family ill. Doing some petty tasks to stay healthy is not a big deal for anyone as everyone loves to be healthy in all the season.


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