11 Amazing Health Benefits of Coffee


What? Do they really exist?

But whole my life I am listening to the story of this caffeine thing and that how dangerous it could be for the human body. And my mom always used to say “hey don’t take too much of it, It is not good for health”.

I hope you have a same or similar story about coffee.

But believe us that the health benefits of coffee do exist. Yes, we mean it.

About Coffee:

Coffee is actually made by seeds of a berry plant, coffea. The berry contains one or two seeds.

Seeds are taken from the berry of plant coffea and then processed and roasted to make coffee which we make as a beverage today.

Coffee is native to Africa, Madagascar and reunion of Indian Ocean but is used all over the world. Some say that it was first made in Turkish Empire. It is one of the major exports and economically traded commodity in the world.

Different types of coffee are made from beans like the latte, expresso, cappuccino etc. depending upon the variety of coffee beans.

As the beans are processed and roasted to make coffee, more roasted beans turn black in color giving coffee its aromatic fragrance and taste.

Nutritional Value of Coffee:

Black Coffee beans do not contain a significant amount of proteins, carbohydrates or fats thus they are very low in calories and 100 ml of coffee contains only 1 or 2 calories, however, it contains traces of niacin, magnesium, and potassium.

The nutritional value of coffee depends on other factors like added milk and sugar or tap water used to make coffee can affect the nutritional value of a cup of coffee.

Health Benefits of Coffee:

Here are some worth sharing benefits of coffee. You can remember them as they can provide you with a true shield from anti-coffee people. Next time if anyone tries to lecture you. Show them the list

1. Relieves Pain:

Yes. A cup of coffee can relax your muscles and give you relief from pain after heavy exercise so never forget to take your cup with you, After all, a relaxed body is as much necessary as a beautiful and toned body.

2. Protects From Alzheimer’s:

Researchers have found that caffeine in coffee can protect from Alzheimer’s. So have a cup and remember everything.

3. Life Saver:

Yes, our favorite beverage is a life saver. It lowers your depression and suicidal approach.

Oh, my god!!! You are fed up with life then go get a cup of coffee and end up in making up with life rather than breaking up.

4. Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease:

Researchers have found out that people who drink two to three cups of coffee daily are less likely to develop heart diseases.

Hmm, quite a worthy benefit.

5. Lowers the Risk of Diabetes:

In terms of benefits, Coffee is not going to stop. It lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes. People who consume three to four cup of coffee are less likely to develop diabetes. One cup reduces the risk by 9 %.

6. Increase Your Fiber Intake:

One cup of coffee has 1.8 grams of the fiber of your daily allowance so definitely, it enhances your fiber Intake. This benefit of coffee makes it a charm for fitness freaks too so yes drink coffee and be fit.

7. Protects You Against Cancers:

Regular coffee intake can protect you from certain cancers. The risk of colorectal cancer reduces by 26% with regular intake of coffee. It also reduces the risk of developing liver cancer by 29%. Some researchers conclude that Coffee has benefits for the liver.

8. Prevent From Tooth Decay:

A research in Brazil about coffee concludes that black coffee can actually kill bacteria in your mouth which can cause cavities and tooth decay. So I think for all coffee lovers out there, coffee is a better idea than mouthwash or other such things.

But do remember that this benefit is only linked to pure coffee only. The addition of milk or sugar definitely negate the outcomes.

9. Immortality:

Wait, our favorite coffee is definitely not a drink from the fountain of youth ensuring your immortality but yes it adds ups longevity to your life years by significantly reducing risks of heart and other life-threatening diseases.

10. Antioxidants in Coffee:

Yes, coffee is healthy and it has naturally occurring antioxidants in its beans. Antioxidants can reduce inflammation and enhances health properties of coffee.

11. Beauty Benefits of Coffee:

Other than health benefits here are some beauty benefits of coffee also which makes it even more tempting.

  • Coffee can reduce eye puffiness as the active ingredient caffeine can reduce swelling in veins under the skin.
  • The Coffee beans can exfoliate your skin perfectly when applied.
  • Coffee enhances your hair color naturally so no need for those costly chemicals.
  • It stimulates hair growth when applied on the scalp.
  • Coffee enhances the dull skin making it glowing and bright.
  • It also tightens the skin as it has antioxidants present in it.
  • Coffee adds up shine to your hair.

Who Should Not Take Coffee?

Coffee is a healthy beverage but it has limitations also.

People who have caffeine sensitivity should not take too much of it.

Though coffee adds up to the healthy diet but don’t take that much large amounts of caffeine that you can’t resist or if that makes you addicted to it.

The high amount of caffeine is not recommended for pregnant women also.

A Tip:

Decaffeinated coffee is better but caffeinated coffee is recommended as decaffeination can remove antioxidants from coffee.

How to Make Simple Coffee?

Well after reading all these benefits we know you are eager to have a cup of coffee. Here is a simple recipe of coffee for you.

Simply boil some water and add roasted coffee beans to it. Add some milk and sugar to taste and enjoy the beverage.

Interesting Fact About Coffee:

World’s most expensive coffee called black ivory is collected from elephant pooh. The elephants eat coffee beans and beans get the influence of digestive enzymes of elephants which give them a special exotic taste. Beans are then collected from the dung and used.

Coffee is included in the one of world’s five socially accepted drugs, the list including tea and cigarette also.


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