Headache | Types of Headache and its Causes


You would have often seen people pressing their forehead with the help of their fingers. Are you one of them? The headache irritates you a lot and you feel like something is pinning hard on your skull. The problem arises when you involve yourself in ordinary things and are tensed over them and one day these ordinary things look like they are getting on your nerves and you even get more tensed on them, which ultimately leads you to headache. Most of the people do not try to identify the cause of their headache and take medicines to get rid of it and as a result they stick themselves to those antibiotics that are harmful for them in the long run. I’m sure that after reading this article you would be able to relax yourself with the problems of daily routine that causes you headache!

Types of headaches

There are many kinds of headaches but on the top of the list is the general headache that emerges somewhere between the neck and the head. Every four out of five people are suffering from this sort of headache. The usual cause of headache can be weather, pressure and minor ups and downs in the blood pressure. The second type of headache is the half head pain commonly known as the nerves stiffness whose roots combine with the aggressive nerves, depression and tautness of eyes, whereas the stiffness of stiffness or skull and neck’s muscles can also cause headaches.

Headache Causes

Sometimes, the veins and bones get swelled and remain swollen from two to ten weeks. The headache normally begins from slight pain in one or both the eyes and with the increasing headache it finally grabs one part of the head and doubles the intensity of headache that causes the blockage of nose, running eyes and sometimes, running nose.

Useful Tips regarding Headache

  • If you feel a slight pain in your head immediately press your forehead with the help of your fingers before the pain gets unbearable.
  • If you feel the half head pain immediately add Aspirin to the water and drink it to get rid of the headache. Aspirin is immensely beneficial for headaches.
  • Eat healthy food and always notice if the headache is caused by eating something that is not suitable to your health. Chew the food properly before swallowing it.
  • Exercise regularly so that your muscles shall remain in a relaxing state and do not become a cause of your headache.
  • Before getting tensed over something, think of the best possible solution for that problem and if you fail to find a solution for your problem try to stay as cool as you can.
  • Take a proper regular sleep every night, do not sleep too much nor sleep less than 8 hours a day.


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