Hazrat Moosa A.S | Hazrat Musa History in Urdu


Hazrat Musa A.S was a messenger of God. He was sent to the people of Bani Israel for the preaching of Islam. He was born in Egypt on 1571 BC. A fortune teller had already told Firoun that a baby boy is going to born in Bani Israel and he will destroy Pharaoh as well. So Firoun killed all new born baby boys from the Bani Israel nation. To save Musa from Firoun, his mother put him in a chest and put that chest in the River Nile to flow him away from the village.

The queen of Firoun found him in the river Nile and took him to her castle. She raised him in the castle. HE had a soft corner for the Bani Israel community, so he left everyone and everything and therefore migrated to Madeen. There Hazrat Shoaib took care of him and arranged Moosa’s marriage with his own daughter. After 12 years, when he was returning with his wife, Allah gave him the duty of a messenger during the journey.

Allah gave him the duty to preach Islamic values to Firoun. But Firoun refused to accept those preaching and became an enemy of Hazrat Moosa. Firoun fought with Hazrat Moosa A.S with the help of his magicians. To face bravely the magical powers of Firoun, Allah entitled Moosa A.S with more magical strength. At last, when Firoun got sure about his magical powers, all of them embraced Islam and left the army of Firoun. After that he migrated to Egypt along with the people of Bani Israel and reached at Nile River. There God helped him crossing the river by dividing it into two parts and Moosa AS crossed the river safely with his followers. Firoun with his army was following him. When the Firoun and his army was in the middle of the river Nile, with the orders of Almighty Allah, the river got its place back and the Firoun along with his army drowned at once in the river to death. Hazrat Musa died on 1451 BC. Firoun’s dead body is still present in museum of Cairo.


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