Hazrat Ibrahim in Urdu


The topic “Hazrat Ibrahim in Urdu” is greatly searched on the internet. Hazrat Ibrahim was a prophet of Allah and known as “Father of Prophets” (Abul-Anmbia) and “Friend of Allah” (Khalil-ullah).

Hazrat Ibrahim was born in Iraq in 2200 B.C. His father’s name was Tarakh and according to the Holy Quran, it was Azar. He was born in the age of Namrood. His father was an idol maker but Hazrat Ibrahim was against the idol worshiping. When Namrood heard about this, he called Hazrat Ibrahim in his shrine.

hazrat ibrahim

Hazrat Ibrahim didn’t bow to the Namrood so he asked the reason. Hazrat Ibrahim replied that he doesn’t bow to anyone except to the God and the God’s grace. Namrood asked who your God is. Ibrahim replied to him, my God is the one who give life to the dead, give death to the living and reveal the sun from the east. On this kind of behavior, Namrood decided to kill him and to make him an example for the other people to stop the spread out of this thought. Namrood threw him in a huge fire but God made the fire cold for Ibrahim. After watching this, Namrood’s daughter accepted Ibrahim’s religion.

Then Namrood gathered an army to destroy him. Hazrat Ibrahim asked his God for help and the mosquitoes killed Namrood’s whole army. A mosquito entered in Namrood’s brain through his nose and stayed there for 40 years that caused a terrible headache to Namrood. The only thing that used to give Namrood some relief was to beat his head by shoes.

Hazrat Ibrahim migrated to Egypt with his wife Sara. Then he reached Palestine with his wife Sara and her servant Hajira. Sara gave him her Servant Hajira as a gift. Then Hajira gave birth to his son Ismail and Sara gave birth to his another son Ishaq. God asked Ibrahim to sacrifice his son for God to check Ibrahim’s faith. He tried to fulfill his God’s requirement and put the knife on the neck of Ismail. God accepted his sacrifice, stopped him, and gave him a sheep for slaughter. Ibrahim also built Kaba with the help of his son Ismail.

Hazrat Ibrahim was died at the age of 200 years.


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