Hatim Tai History


The complete name of Hatim Tai was Hatim Tai bin Abdullah bin Saad. His lifetime is estimated between second half of 6th century to the starting of 7th century. He was so young, when his father died. He was very famous for his poetry. He was a fabulous horse rider too. He had the equal capabilities to that of “Bshar bin Abi Khazim” and “Abeed bin Al Abrus”, the two great poets of that time. Hatim was a very nice person with the qualities of being generous to poor and hospitality for his guests.

He never paid attention to his reserves while giving to the poor. Hatim’s grandfather also left him due to this generosity, while he was taking care of Hatim after the death of Hatim’s father. Hatim was a great example of the ancient Arabs (long before the Islam came). His quality of being generous to poor was incomparable.

In some prehistoric books, it is written that he even used to feed his guests after his death. His shrine is at the top of the mountain of “Bilad Tai”, which is situated beside “Wadi e Hail” of “Tangha”. 4 rock statues of girls (in weeping on his grave) were situated on the left and right of his shire. The remaining shattered pieces of his big cooking pot were also exhibited on his grave, in which he used to cook and feed his guests including the poor.

His poetry is very famous among the Arabs, which was written mostly on the topic of generosity and sacrifice for the poor. He died the year Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) was at the age of 9 years. “Hatim Tai history in Urdu” is also available below.


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