Happy Marriage Life Tips for Men and Women


Marriage is considered a blessing, but many people mistakenly stamp it as a curse. It is the beautifully strong relation of love that God has created for His creature. Some steps are necessary to take in order to make this relation beautiful otherwise it would be ruined.

Change of thoughts may occur among children and parents, but it doesn’t mean to bring the relation to end. The need is to solve these problems wisely. First, God has created men and women with no inferiority, so it is necessary for both to respect each other. Secondly, keep in mind one thing that no issue is considered such a big one that the marriage should be brought to end, but the need is to show patience.

The third thing is if one of the life partners is of low temperament, the second should endure it patiently. Husband should treat his wife in a soft and friendly behavior and same is the duty of a good wife. Husband wife are both life partners, so, they both should share each others needs and problems so that none should feel lonely. A prosperous couple is the base of a prosperous family. Some tips for a Happy marriage life are given below in Urdu Language.


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