Happy Hormones Food List


Staying happy is important for a healthy life. Do you know that staying happy increases your health and your life. That is why, it is important for you to stay happy and laugh so that you can increase your time span in this world.

Allah has made so many things that come naturally to benefit us. Good food is the major source towards a good life. There is much kind of foods that take part in keeping you happy. You must be thinking that how come it can be possible at all?

Yes, foods have content and nutrition in them that help to activate your hormones in the body which stimulate good mood and happiness.

Today I have listed for you some food items which are very significant and play vital role in activating your happy hormones.

Happy Hormones Food List


Spinach does not only contain iron in it which makes you stronger. it also contains psychoactive drugs and stimulants which make you active and keep you happy. You should use spinach as much as you can to maintain not only your physical but psychological health as well.


Asparagus is one of the food items which contains Serotonin which is famous as the happy hormone. Serotonin is responsible to control your emotions. It controls your mood swings and level your responses as well as your sleep.


Tryptophan is the thing that boosts the secretion of your happy hormones. They also contain Choline which is another nutrient which plays a great role in increasing your mental sharpness and an attitude positive towards everything.


Fish, along with a slight concentration of OMEGA-3 is the best thing you can do to make your attitude better towards life. It boosts good feelings and changes your responses. You feel happy and confident more than ever. Try to make it a habit to consume fish twice a week especially in winters.


Chocolate, especially the dark chocolate is a great thing responsible to activate your happy hormones. It contains Magnesium which is healthy for your mood. Chocolate stimulates hormones in your body which produce moods in a person just like one feels when one is in love with someone. It creates positive energy in you so you are ready to roll in any kind of situation.


Avocado is not only a fruit which has a sweet taste; it has a sweet effect on your mood as well. it contains Serotonin just like Asparagus, which boosts your mood because it is a happy hormone.

Nuts and Legumes:

Nuts and legumes are beneficial beyond anybody’s thought. They are rich in magnesium and contain OMEGA-3 in them as well. When you take them, they do not only prove to be a healthy diet for you but they keep you smiling and sharp.

So these are some easily available and significantly important food items which contain either the happy hormones or the happy hormone boosters in them. They can make you stay fresh and active.


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