Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair


Every man/woman dreams of having succulent and healthy curls whether he/she has long or short, curly or straight hair. Unluckily, some of us are with hairs which are deadly, dry, and frizzed by nature. Even if you were born with healthy, lustrous hair, facing the issue of dryness in hair is expected when your hair is constantly scruffy due to heat styling tools, substance treatments, and fumes. When you are facing the problem of dryness, a good place to start is to search your kitchen for some cost-effective and natural hair care ingredients. Using ingredients from your store cupboard is not only suitable, but it also provides you the similar, if not better, results as high-end hair treatments with none of the chemicals. Whereas it may take some time to see results.
Mixture of Egg Yolk and Water
Egg yolk is a wonderful remedy for dry hair. It conditions your hair shafts and keeps them moisturized. For this you need two egg yolks. You can use it in following way:-
Get two eggs and part the yolk from the whites.
Put in three tablespoons of water and beat until the mixture is slightly fluffy.
Apply all over your hair and wait for 30 minutes before washing.
Use cool water to wash your hair. This keeps the egg from “cooking” and controls the smell.
There would be instant shine in your hair.
Oil Treatment
Oil treatments are one of the simplest and most effective ways for dry hair. The most excellent part of a homemade hot oil action is that you can formulate tradition blends to outfit your hair type. You can use it in following way:-
Mix all the oils (Almond, olive, Jojoba, coconut) in a medium-sized pot and warm it.
Don’t swelter as it may be damaging your scalp. Make sure it’s lukewarm, not hot.
Massage hair with this mixture and wrap it up in a towel.
Remove after 30 minutes and wash with a mild shampoo.
Use this treatment every week will give you softer, shinier, and healthier tresses.
Hair wash with Rice Milk and Honey
If your hair is dull and dry, this mask will restore shine and nourish your hair. Honey is an amazing natural emollient that seals moisture in you hair shafts.
Hair washes with Avocado and Banana
Efficiency of avocado can never be ignored when it comes to sealing moisture in your hair. Bananas can increase the elasticity of your hair shafts and make them stronger and softer.

Usage of Mayonnaise Pack
For those who want to condition the hair to make it smooth, soft, and manageable, mayonnaise could be the best ingredient to use. Mayonnaise contains L-cysteine, a powerful antioxidant that provides strength, shine, and volume to your hair. It is very beneficial for dry and damaged hair.
Usage of Beer Spray
Beer is known for its conditioning properties. It adds a healthy sheen to dry and dull hair and also provides volume. The vitamin B content in beer makes your hair lustrous and soft.
Usage of Vinegar Wash
The acidic nature of vinegar helps balance out the pH of the scalp, normalizing oil production. This is good for combination hair when used with a conditioning hair pack.
Honey Hair Mask
Honey is a humectants, which means that it binds moisture to your hair shaft, keeping it conditioned.
Aloe Vera Mask
Aloe vera is one of the best ingredients you could use for repairing damage and dryness. It also boosts scalp health and encourages healthy hair growth.


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