Hair care tips for Black Hair


Having Black hair is in demand and has been in demand for years. Even currently, in the century of beautifying use, peoples are having inclined towards the natural treatments. Some individual loses the crowdedness of the hair as well as the natural color. This can be due to unnecessary chemical use. Early graying has also come to the path for many men and women willing to get nice-looking black hair. We are now going to present some of the brilliant preparations of gray hair. It is superior to avail these mixtures instead of adopting the cosmetic treatments.
There are some reasons for gray hairs which are:-
Impurities in the environment upsetting your hair
Emotive suffering and pressure at work
Use of enormous attentiveness of shampoo
Use of Henna for Black Hair
Henna is recommended by beautician to keep hair black and beautiful. To use henna you need to make a mixture where 3 spoons of henna powder, a spoon of coffee powder and alike magnitude of amla powder are mixed together. Put some hot water to make the paste. Let it soak for two hours and apply on your hair. Keep this over your head for an hour then shower it.
Use of Butter pack
Are you aware of mulathi? It is a conventional name in Indian and Pakistan for Liquorice. Take a bowl and set it on the flame, putabout a liter of amla water along with it. Boil it and pour the mulathi and clarified butter. This hair mixture will be effective to remove gray hair.
Onion remedy
You may have your hair naturally black by utilizing the natural strength of onion. If you do not want graying hair before time then onion remedy can be really a great solution. You need to skin, slice and take an onion in a grinder and extract water out of it. Take three spoons of onion juice in ampule. Take out two spoons of lemon juice. Make a combination of both and apply over your scalp and hair. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then you can wash it off with mild shampoo.
Use foliage of Mango
You need to have few mango leaves along with immature mango. You need to skin out the mango peels. Mix both the leaves and mango peel in a mixer and get a paste. Keep it under the sun and apply it on your hairs. You may also get oil from it to apply on your hair.
Use black Tea
There is another way of making your hair naturally black. You need to make black tea, normally you make it to drink without sugar. Keep it wait for few minutes after getting boiled. When the color changes into dark and the mixture gets cooled, wash your hair with this black tea.
Oil of Mango stone
One more natural treatment is the oil taken from the mango stone. Use this oil on your hair and keep it stay for few hours. When it gets immersed inside your skin, you will be really pleased to have gray free hair.
Powder of Amla
Combine the ingredients like a liter of water, Indian gooseberry powder (two spoons) and fresh lemon juice in a container. This mixture can be frozen. Use this solution frequently or occasionally for shiny black hairs.
Massage of Oil
Massage of any type of natural oil like coconut oil or amla oil. Make this oil warm mildly. Use it on your hair and the roots of hairs. Carry on massage for few minutes then wash away.
Maintenance of black hair
Having naturally black hair is not enough; you also need to maintain it on a sound basis. You can make a solution at home. It would have a spoon of bhrigraj powder, strong tea liquor, lemon juice, henna powder, brahmi powder. Keep all these components in warm water. One egg can also be added in it. Use it as a package and in the result you will have shinny and lustrous hair.


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