How to Make Hair Long and Silky at Home ?


Full of life hair add to the grace in the personality of a woman, it is also believed that they are feminine ornaments. The texture of your hair matters alot no matter they are short, average or long. Almost all of we ladies wish to have gorgeous hair catching the envoy of others. But only few of us are aware about how much care and love they require to get managed. The hair care tips from our moms and grandmas are considered to be the most fruitful and work worthy instead of the modern chemical products. The question that strikes our minds is how to make hair long and silky at home? The suggested article delivers information collected from the experience of our old ladies about how to make hair long and silky at home.

Tips For Shiny Hair Through Oiling / Oil massage

Oil massage gives life to the hair by providing nutrients to them. Without proper massage and oil your hair will become dull and lifeless.

Types of oil:

The oils that are extremely good for hair are olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil. Generally, coconut oil is recommended for the dry hair and mustered oil for the oily hairs.


Just to apply oil is not sufficient for the healthy hair; you should have massage at least for two times in a week. Apply an optimum amount of oil on the hair, massage with light hands for half an hour then leave your hair for maximum 2 – 3 hours then wash with shampoo then apply conditioner conditioner.


Don’t comb the wet hair because it makes them weak. Combing increase the blood circulation and thus the hair growth meets an increase.

Hair gel and hair color:

Hair color damages the hair and badly affects the hair structure. So, avoid coloring your hair. Hair gel is also equally damaging as the hair dyes are.

Dandruff Treatment:

For removing the dandruff, apply yogurt with mustard oil before  hair wash. The application of this mixture once in a week is enough.

For long and soft hair:

Take yolk of an egg, and whip it in 2 Table spoons of mustard oil then apply it in the roots of  hair  with fingertips. Let it sit in  hair for 3 hours then rinse with anti dandruff shampoo.

Strong hair:

Store the coconut water in a jar and apply on the scalp daily early in the morning. It stops the hair breakage within few days.

For black shiny hair:

If you are having the problem of grey hair then you should use natural ingredients to get black hair. Dip the Aamla and sika kai in water for few hours grind it and then wash your hair with it.

For hair growth:

To induce the growth to your hair, grind the jujube leaves and apply in the roots of hair 2 hours  before washing.

For beautiful hair:

For gorgeous hair, mix these oils i.e. coconut oil, almond oil, mustard oil, olive oil and apply regularly.

Here below are the Long Hair Tips in Urdu or how to make hair strong, long and silky.

hair long tips in urdu


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