Guava Health Benefits


Guava health benefits

Fruits are essential for the human body as they provide us necessary nutrients. Many types of research confirm that people who add fruits in their daily diet faces less chronic diseases. Unfortunately, the modern world likes artificial juices and supplements to fulfill their health requirements. We should eat natural fruits and vegetables to compete with the disease. Every fruit in this world has versatile health benefits. But today we are going to highlight guava health benefits. From flu to cancer, guava is the cure for many chronic diseases.

How guava is beneficial for health

Guava acts as an eliminator of viruses, and bacteria make your body powerful against diseases. It is enriched in nutrients making our body healthy. Guava contains essential proteins. It is one of the best snacks to take after workout. Guava is also one of the fruits containing fibers, helpful to treat constipation. Guava contains essential nutrients, fibers, and protein. That’s why they provide versatile health benefits. Here is the list of guava health benefits:

Guava for High blood pressure

According to research in the US, almost 103 million adults have a high blood pressure problem. To lower the blood lipids and blood pressure guava intake is best. Vitamin C in guava improves the blood vessels healthy. The potassium in guava helps in reasonable regulation of heartbeat and ultimately the blood pressure. Even scientists have confirmed that intake of 5 guavas per day in 3 months solves the problem of high blood pressure forever.

Menstrual cramps

Just like a banana, oranges, watermelon, and chamomile, guava are best to treat menstrual cramps. The leaves extract of guava reduces the menstrual cramps to an extraordinary level. The stomach cramp (dysmenorrhea) can also be treated well with the help of guava intake up to 6mg.

Degenerative joint diseases

Osteoarthritis led to the damage of the cartilage. Guava leaves extracts makes the bones surface smooth, preventing from cartilage damage. The recent researches are done on animals. So, it is yet to confirm that is guava beneficial for human or not.


As we have mentioned in the start that guava fights against viruses of the body. So, it is best for the treatment of influenza. The guava leave tea is known as an instant flu reliever. Guava also contains vitamin C, which treats the common cold efficiently.

Weight loss

We know that the more our body remains hydrated, the less are chances of weight gain. Guava is known as the best hydrator. Moreover, an intake of 2 to 3 guavas a day provide essential diet. People eat less after eating guavas. The less diet intake also helps in weight loss. Guavas contain low calories, so if you adopt it as a daily diet, there are more chances of your weight loss.


If you want to lower the risk of oral, breast, and prostate cancer, then guava leaves are best in this regard. The cancer cells growth starts decreasing because of the antioxidants present in guava. Guava leaves tea is known as the best fighter for cancer. All the citrus fruits are best to stop the growth of cancerous cells, and guava is one of them.


Cardiovascular and diabetes are one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. Guava is best in treating type 2 diabetes. The blood sugar level gets lower if we start consuming the guava leaves tea. The guava also helps in moderate glucose absorption lower the blood sugar level.


The guava contains the anti-diarrheal properties. Few drops of guava oil in warm water provides an instant solution for diarrhea. As we have mentioned in start that guava is best for treatment of constipation. It treats diarrhea, as well. If you have one of these health problems, start eating guavas. It will help to get rid of diarrhea and constipation.

Immune booster

We are wrong about the thing that oranges are number one regarding vitamin C. See who wins here! Guava contains more vitamin as compared to oranges. Enriched in Vitamin C guava act as an immune booster. It fights well against all viral infections.

Improved eyesight

Nowadays, due to excess screening, more people are facing muscular degeneration of eyes. Guava contains vitamin A just like carrots and helps in improving vision.

Stress reliever

When we tensed our muscles and nerves contract. The magnesium in guava helps in relaxing muscles. If you have faced a stresses day at the office, then guava is best to enjoy as a tasty stress reliever.


According to the content mentioned above, guava has many health benefits. As people are nowadays many diseases so it would be best if everyone starts growing a small farm in their homes. Intake of fresh vegetables and fruits are best to fight against infections. Eating a healthy diet reduces the chances of getting ill up to 70 percent.


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