10 Benefits of Green Tea to Prove Green Tea Is Magical!!


Before talking about benefits of green tea we all know that tea itself is no doubt a magical drink as only one cup can win a heart 🙂

Tea is one of the world’s most common drink and beverages. And we may tell you here that it is listed as one of five most socially accepted drugs also because of the amount of Caffeine present in it. But talking about tea 80% of it is white or milk tea and only 20% is green tea.

Green tea is originated from china and India but it is used in almost all over the world also. Because of its health benefits in past times, it was used medically for the healing purposes and to stop bleeding. But the other wonders it can do are now known to the whole world. And people are switching towards a healthy lifestyle and of course green tea.

Why Is Green Tea Magical and Better Than Other Teas?

The Level of oxidation defines the type of tea. Tea is actually made from dried leaves that are processed before use. Other teas like black tea are processed more that allows fermentation whereas green tea is less processed tea.

Therefore it has more antioxidants than other teas making it more beneficial.

Some Known Benefits of Green Tea:

Green tea is really a magical potion with a number of benefits. Here are few of them

1. It Fights Cancer:

We all know that cancer is a deadly disease and is caused by over rated growth of cells. The polyphenol in green tea was found to have an effect on tumor reduction when attested in the laboratory. It decreases the tumor hence has a positive effect on killing cancer.

Researches have also found that people who drink more green tea were found less likely to develop pancreatic, colorectal and breast cancer.

Green tea is effective in many other types of cancers too like ovarian, prostate, lung, and stomach and skin cancer. This benefit of green tea proves that it is magical tea with natural curing abilities.

2. It Helps in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson:

Green has anti-oxidant that have anti-aging properties. It has a positive effect on the brain in old age also. The Researches have shown that green tea not only protects brain cells from dying but also restored damaged cells. It prevents Alzheimer’s and Parkinson in old age.

3. Heart Friendly:

According to scientists, green tea may keep the blood vessel lining relaxed making it capable of adjusting and withstanding with different blood pressures. So we can say that green tea is magical and heart friendly.

4. Antiviral and Antibacterial Properties:


Green tea has antiviral and antibacterial properties. That is why it was used as medicine also in ancient times.

Drinking green tea can treat flu, cough, vomiting, cold, diarrhea and many other infectious and seasonal diseases.

Its regular intake also prevents you from catching viral diseases.

In ancient times Due to its antibacterial properties, green tea was applied on wounds also.

The catechins in green tea have a strong positive effect on creating a barrier from bacterial and viral attacks.

5. Deals With Depression:

Theanine is an amino acid and is found in tea leaves. It has a tranquilizing effect on brain and deals with moods and depression. So a benefit of green tea which roves that green tea is a magical happy tea so Drink green tea and Stay happy 🙂

6. Weight Loss:

You must have seen in those television ads that green tea can help in weight loss.

Yeah, they boast a little but somehow they are true. Although green tea cannot reduce kilos in weeks but regular intake of green tea has a significant impact on weight reduction.

As green tea can reduce bad cholesterol in your blood so we can relate this thing too with weight loss.

Also, The polyphenol in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories so try this magic of green tea to make you look inches less.

7. Energy Drink:

Yeah, a cup of magical green tea can fill up you with energy to deal with businesses. It has caffeine in it. The amount of caffeine is not very high in green tea like in coffee but it is significant enough to boost your brain cells making you stay awake and energetic.

8. Diabetes Control:

Green tea creates a positive effect on blood sugar level and its absorption in the body thus reduce the risk of diabetes. People who drank more green tea were found less exposed to the risk of diabetes.

9. It Can Make You Say Cheese:


Green tea has enough magic to make you say cheese. It has chemical antioxidant catechin which can destroy bacteria in throat, mouth and solve other dental issues. It makes your breath fresh and prevents tooth decay.

So smile and stay happy with this magical green potion.

10. Beneficial for Skin:

Drinking green tea make you stay hydrated and keeps your skin fresh.

The powerful antioxidants in green tea have anti-aging properties which can make your skin look younger.

It is also used in different face packs and have significant effects on removing sun tans and marks from your skin. Green tea makes your skin lighter and fair.

It fights wrinkles and helps to remove fine lines from your skin.

So definitely now you don’t need a fairy Godmother to use the magic wand on you and turn you in your younger version. Just have a cup of magical green tea and say wow wwwww 😉

How Much of This Magical Green Tea Is Enough Daily?

Some say have one to two cups daily and others say that you can have up to ten cups of this magic potion per day.

But we suggest you that it has caffeine in it and caffeine sensitivity can make it difficult for you to have so many cups of this tea per day. So adjust according to your need and capacity.

You can also mix other ingredients in green tea to make it more effective like mint, cinnamon, and ginger. Trust us it will double the effect.

How to Make Green Tea?

Making green tea is as easy as boiling an egg.

Yes, we mean it.

Just put some leaves in boiling water for two to three minutes. And your magical green tea is ready. Don’t overcook as it can create a bitter taste.

You can add different ingredients in it also like mint or ginger to improve its effectiveness as well as taste.

Avoid adding milk in it as it can lower the oxidants in tea which actually makes green tea more beneficial than other teas.

Adding sugar can affect its effectiveness but you can add less amount as per your requirements and taste. But still, it is better for you if you avoid adding sugar in it.

Important Tip for Buying Green Tea:

Always go for the best green tea brand as low-quality brands may have an excessive amount of fluoride in them.


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