Google Penguin Update


On 24th of April, Google has released its update Google penguin. After Google panda, Google penguin has been released for the purpose of search engine optimization. Google has already proved that those websites will lose their rank in search engine, which will be violating the laws and policies of Google. Actually, it is a new strategy of Google in the form of algorithm, which means to formulate some rules and regulations for restricting the rate of spamming in websites.
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These strategies are as following:
– Key words of web pages
– Site links which are given to increase the ranking of websites
– Unusual link profiles
– Keywords that are given for the intention of getting viewers attention
– Unusual links of websites
– Use of copying and spamming for the original content so that new pages can be created
Many other policies are also there in Google Penguin update. But there is a risk of negative aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) due to this Google algorithm. And this negative aspect of SEO can be the main reason of downfall of your website in comparison to your competitors. But until now, it is unknown that how Google is going to adopt that black hat strategy. It can be said that in this strategy, a keyword strategy is the most important to be considered. Many companies do not pay proper attention to the keywords while developing their websites. But now, they can fall a prey to downfall in the ranking of search engine optimization due to the Google penguin keywords strategy. Actually when a web page is created, there is an excessive use of keywords and because of that, a web page may contain many irrelevant keywords. Due to this irrelevancy, it becomes much difficult for the search engine that what should be the best title for that page.
Here we are giving you information about ten Google updates:

Protect your blog from hidden factors:

Hidden factors mean that there should not be any hidden information, text, or any link in your blog, which is unreadable for the search engine. If there is anything hidden or unreadable, it will be unfavorable for your website. Some people reduce the font size of their content to make their blog size small. One should avoid it by following some suggestions like:
– Avoid using white background with white text
– Text should not be placed behind the image
– Font size should not be zero

Density of required words:

If you use SEO to post your blog on the internet then you should know the density of the keywords. Density of keywords words means how many times the keywords and keyword phrases are being used in your content. Because it is a matter of concern for Google, that how much your site is suitable for searching? If your site is having reasonable density of keywords and according to the Google policies, it will certainly come in search engine. Reasonable size of density is ranged between 3% to 4%. But it is good to keep it at 2% of the entire content.

Automatic questions should not be sent to the Google:

Questions should not be sent to Google through search engine. Some experts regard it as a good symbol of SEO but it is against the rules and policies of Google. Therefore, you should check your blogs frequently that whether these are sending such kind of texts automatically to Google like check ranking and analysis etc.

Avoid double content:

If you want to keep your blog safe then you should avoid double content. Many websites contain double contents.
Discussion forum: which become part of the internet on daily basis
To own the posted data of other websites through any shared links
Take print out of web pages
To avoid such problems, you should post original data to your website. You should also provide 301 redirections so that the user of your website can switch between contents of your website.

Wrong attitude in the creation of web pages:

Wrong attitudes include the use of virus software and other software, which are disliked by Google and which can cause serious damage to your website.

Front pages of website:

There are some websites which display wrong front pages to attract specific sector of people. In this way, they not only lose the trust of their viewers, there are also the chances of black hat SEO.
Avoid marketing:
Avoid marketing of your website until it is loaded with reasonable amount of data.

Black hat link building:

Those websites will be the victim of Google penguin which cause spamming on regular basis.

Services of SEO:

If you have a little knowledge about SEO then you should deal it yourself instead of paying huge amounts for SEO.
You should also consider following four rules apart from the aforesaid instructions.
Web page should be developed for the users and not for the search engine
Make your content good to make a good web page. One should not do this to increase the ranking of search engine
Don’t be a part of link scheme. Links increase web spamming which effect the ranking of web page
To fill up your web pages, don’t use irrelevant material. It is against the rules of Google
Overall, Google penguin is a web spam master update. Now it’s up to you that how you develop your website to avoid Google penguin affects.


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