How to Get Glowing Skin?


We all love photogenic and fresh looking face no matter we are housewives, student, business women or job doers. Everything is possible to achieve but with little care and love. My duty is to place before you all beauty packs helpful to achieve glowing skin.

Now it’s up to you how efficiently you apply these and provide your skin a fresher look.

Top 8 Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

The mixture of sandalwood, turmeric powder and rose water works best for glowing skin.

Lemon juice exfoliates dead skin layer and gives it a baby-like softness.

Take gram flour, honey, rose water and curd to make a fine paste. Apply this mixture on your face at night and leave for about half an hour. After it get dried, pat your face with wet fingers so that deep cleansing of your skin must be done. After that you can wash your face with fresh water but avoid any sort of soap or face wash so that it can perform deep into skin. Apply this mixture daily till you find superb results.

Add few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt in raw milk. This is best exfoliating cleanser for your skin.

Mix white liquid of egg with one tsp of honey, apply on face and neck. Honey gives skin glowing look and egg tightens skin and gives it more fresher look.

Make a mask with raw milk and honey, apply on face and neck and get instantly glowing skin.

Rub papaya inner skin on your face, let it dry for half an hour and then wash out with cold water. This helps your skin to glow.

Apply carrot juice on your face to get glowing skin.

Recipe for Glowing Skin:

Grind four almonds, soaked in water overnight

Mix into it two tsp of raw milk and one tsp of gram flour.

Add into it few drops of lemon juice and honey.

Apply on face and neck and let it dry for about 25to30 minutes and then rinse with cold water.- Repeat this procedure twice a week and see wonders of change in your skin look.


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