Today we are going to discuss the different solutions of skin related poor problems. We have seen and observed that girls after crossing the age of twenty are very conscious about their skin. They always remain in curiosity that how are they looking at any party or family get together. Every girl wants to have an attractive look with clean, clear, fair and crystal skin.

If you are searching the solution of this problem then you have reached the exact place. This article will make you capable of getting fair skin quickly and permanently at home with no side effects. These all solutions contain the use of natural things.

Crystal White Skin by Using Vitamin C in Your Food

Vitamin C is a great source of white, milky and fair skin. Use of vitamin C in your food will make your skin fair naturally. For this, you need to use such fruits and vegetables etc which are containing sufficient quantity of vitamin C.

Following are the food items which are a good source of vitamin C:

  • Orange
  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet Peppers
  • Melon
  • Green Peas

You should consume at least 200mg to 250mg Vitamin C for fair skin permanently.

Intake of Vitamin A

Our skin consists of an element retinol which also named as Vitamin A. So, in your food, there should be a sufficient quantity of Vitamin A products for fair and milky skin permanently. Vitamin A is available in good quantity in egg, milk, yolk, oyster, and fish.

Using Sugar for Fair Skin Permanently

It is known commonly that sugar can be used with some other item for clean, clear and crystal skin permanently. Take some sugar (two or three table spoons), put it in olive, make the mixture as a scrub like texture, and apply this mixture on your face by massaging circularly, leave it on your face for ten to fifteen minutes. Then wash your face with a soap of your routine use. Repeat this practice daily, after a week you will get a flourishing result.

Use of Papaya for Milky Skin

Papaya is the best tip for spotless skin. Papaya has the natural bleaching agents which help in lightening and shining the skin. You can use it in several ways but the most common and frequent use is to make the fine paste of papaya and cucumber then massage your face by this paste, keep that paste on your face for twenty to twenty to twenty-five minutes, finally wash your face. Carry on this practice regularly for one week. You will see the change on your face permanently.

Use of Gram Flour

Gram flour is another strong tip for getting a milky, fair, spotless, lightning and shiny skin. We can use gram flour by mixing some flour with water as much you require. Massage this paste on your face, legs, hands and any other part of the body you desire. Leave this paste on your body for a time it gets dry then wash it with water and soap or shampoo of your routine use.

These are some simple and natural ways of getting fair, milky white, lightning, shiny and spotless skin permanently and quickly.


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