Although it is possible to use makeup to define your cheekbones and jaw line, applying contouring to your face can be time-consuming. Instead of spending all of that time in front of the mirror, why not spend it doing facial exercises? The right set of exercises can help slim and tone your face, giving you the well-defined V-shaped face that you want without the need for makeup.

Keep in mind, however, that the underlying bone structure of your face plays a key role in your face shape. You can get a better idea of what your bone structure is like by looking at your relatives. Most family members share the same basic face shape. A lot of times, people think they have excess fat on their face when it really is just the underlying structure. If you aren’t sure if you need to lose fat from your face, try to get an unbiased opinion from someone that you trust. They should be able to tell you whether or not you really need to work on slimming your face. Sometimes, it is easy to become overly self-critical, trying to correct problems that don’t really exist.

If you do want a slimmer look, a good place to start is by improving your posture. When you stand up straight, it helps draw in the skin and fat around your neck, giving you a much more well-defined jawline. If you sit with your head jutting forward or looking downward, however, it can give you a double chin and can cause you to lose definition in your jawline.

Define Your Cheekbones

Place the tips of your index fingers and middle fingers on your cheekbones. Next, use your mouth to create a large “O” shape. An easy way to do that is by imagining that you are yawning. As you do this, you should feel the muscles in your cheekbones tighten. Hold the muscles as tight as you can for 5 to 10 seconds, then release the tension. Repeat this exercise 10 times each day.

Eliminate Baby Fat In Your Cheeks

With this exercise, start by making a fish face. You can do this by sucking your cheeks inward while at the same time pushing your lips out. Once your fish face is in place, keep sucking your cheeks in while at the same time trying to smile. Imagine that you are pushing your smile as wide as it will go. Hold the tension until your cheeks start to burn. Then, release it, allowing your cheeks to relax. If you need more help try Dore Aesthetics.

Get A Sharp Jawline

Sit up straight in a chair. Next, lean your head back, looking upward toward the ceiling. With your lips closed, move your lower jaw away from your upper teeth like you would if you were trying to open your mouth. Hold this position for a minimum of five seconds. Repeat this exercise 5 to 7 times.

Shrink A Double Chin

Assume a seated position in a chair, making sure that your back is straight. Look up at the ceiling. As you do, bring your lips into a pursed position, like you are trying to blow someone a kiss. Hold your lips in that position for 10 seconds, and then release them. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

You also may be able to slim your face down by chewing gum. The chewing motion helps exercise the muscles in your cheeks and jaw. Over time, with repeated chewing, you may notice your face becoming slimmer and more toned looking.

If you are overweight, you may also be able to help your face slim down simply by losing weight. Eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise can help you drop pounds quickly and safely. As you do, you may notice that any excess fat in your facial area starts to disappear. As an added bonus, eating nutrient-rich foods and taking good care of your body can both contribute to beautiful skin.

Don’t throw away all of the hard work that you are putting into your facial exercise routine by binging on junk food as soon as your workout is done. Instead, focus on healthy eating along with exercising your face to get amazing results.


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