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Cantaloupe Health Benefits Facts and Information

Cantaloupe (Garma) is not only a delicious fruit but effective medicine. It is stamped as a complete health treasure that makes the body strong, especially for pregnant women, a great source of vitamins. Cantaloupe Originated from Armenia, and cantaloupe has many different names such as sweet melons, mush melons, musk melons, or span spek. There are two different types of cantaloupe based on their texture, taste and origin where they are produced. They are European cantaloupe and North American cantaloupe.

Cantaloupe is 90% water and a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin A.
There are amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats too but in very minimal proportions.
Per 100 grams of cantaloupe provides 34 calories.
This fruit offers wide range of health benefits. Lets have a look at some of them.
Eating Cantaloupe Daily 
“An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away”.
Well a nice modification can be made in the above phrase and we will not mind it.
“A dose of cantaloupe a day,  keeps you young, fresh and comfy”
Including this bomb of vitamins is vital for your skin, hair and overall health benefits.

Cantaloupe Benefits for Skin 

We all know vitamins are key ingredients to keep skin fresh and glowing. Vitamin C and A are rich in antioxidants that keeps skin wrinkle free and young. Moreover, these vitamins keep skin hydrated and moist. Just 200mg of cantaloupe has enough vitamin C to makeup for your daily requirement. You can add cantaloupe in your salads and dressings and enjoy all the health benefits it offers.
Eat cantaloupe and stay beautiful and young.

Cantaloupe Benefits for hair

Cantaloupe is rich in vitamin A which is necessary for sebum production in body. Sebum is needed to build and retain moisture in hair. And vitamin C in cantaloupe plays vital role in making collagen which provides building material for hair and skin texture.
Eating this fruit will make your hair healthier and shiny than ever. You can even make hair masks and apply it on your hair to get maximum benefits.

Cantaloupe Benefits for Weight Loss

Weight loss is a dream for many people. People all over the world are struggling hard to loose weight. Diet regimens, tough exercises,  gyms and different weight-loss products have gathered a large market. But we all know nature has offered some great deals. All we need is to unlock the secrets.
Cantaloupe has dietary fibre in it which is effective for weight loss. This fruit is rich in vitamins and low in fats.
Eating cantaloupe improves your digestion as well as metabolism. Including cantaloupe in your daily diet is no doubt a healthy choice to make.

Cantaloupe Benefits for pregnancy

Doctors may recommend you to stay away from cantaloupe. Reason is that its hard skin can provide home for many bacteria especially salmonella. Salmonellae infection can cause intestinal tract diseases.
Another infection listeria can also be spread through contaminated cantaloupe . Which  can be dangerous for pregnant women especially with weak immune system.
Although many pregnant women may eat cantaloupe and show no adverse symptoms, but in general its better to avoid cantaloupe during pregnancy.

Cantaloupe Benefits for diabetes

Having low glycemic index and being rich in vitamins and fibre, cantaloupe not only maintains and keep blood glucose levels low but also keep cells hydrated and active. People who have diabetes or on risk of having diabetes are encouraged to include this fruit in their diet.
Cantaloupe can be eaten in whole form or it can be mixed with other ingredients to make a perfect recepie.

Cantaloupe Juice :

A glass rich in potassium, fibre and anti oxidants with a delicious tatse is more than a blessing. Cantaloupe juice not only provides you daily vitamins needs but it also brings energy and infinite health benefits. One glass of cantaloupe juice has three times more vitamin A than apple. It is not only a glass of juice, it is a magic potion. Including it in your diet is going to make you healthier and younger version of you.

Cantaloupe Juice Recipe

Cantaloupe can be used in many ways if you are planning to take it in liquid form.
Add it with water or milk to make perfect drink. Or go for slush or smoothie. Cocktails are also in our list and every single option is refreshing and  healthy.
Try yourself!
Remove its outer hard layer while making juice as it may contain bacteria or will add distasteful flavor to your drink.

Cantaloupe Juice Benefits

Cantaloupe juice is nutritious and healthy. It do not only refreshens you but will also offer great health benefits. This magic potion has medicinal properties as well. Cantaloupe juice imroves your intestines and gastrointestinal health. It also helps in lowering blood pressure , maintaining sugar levels and even helps in fighting cancers as it promotes cell regeneration and slows down cell destruction.

Cantaloupe Juice Calories

One cup of cantaloupe juice can provides upto 80 calories. It is rich in vitamins and less in fats. It also has traces of potassium, protiens, iron and calcium. One cup of cantaloupe juice provides enough for daily vitamin needs of body.

Health Benefits of Cantaloupe Juice for Lowering Blood Pressure

Foods having potassium in them are effective for lowering blood pressure. Moreover, fibre  and vitamin C supports heart health and reduce risk of strokes which are caused by hypertension.
Cantaloupe juice is not only effective for lowering blood pressure but also good for heart, brain and kidney health.

Health Benefits of Cantaloupe Seeds

Throwing the seeds away?  Na na…  Don’t do that. Who wants to throw such a yummy snack? You can toast cantaloupe seeds to make snacks or add it in soups and kernels. Cantaloupe is not only a fruit worth eating but seeds also provides proteins and fibre. Its seeds also helps in improving digestion.
Overall, cantaloupe is a refreshing and nutritional fruit which offers great health benefits and delicious tatse.

It excretes the stones in the kidney by making it thin day by day.

It is matchless in covering Glucose deficiency in our body. Cantaloupe aborts germs which can cause Hepatitis in our body completely. Feet itching at night is another disease which can be easily cured with Cantaloupe in a few days.

Complexion of some people get faded due to hot weather, Cantaloupe plays a magical role in solving this problem only in few days. It is the best food supplement for the people who are impuissant physically.

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