Future Of Online Education


Online education is on the point of becoming a vital part of our educational system. The idea that was first started in the University of Illinois and Stanford University of brining into practice the education methods which involved computers in it has become really advanced with the passage of time and with the great advancement in technology. There were those times when the computers were interconnected at a specific place for cross communication and for the transfer of lecture on the computers of students where they could hear the recording and used the audio visuals for study purpose.

That was just limited to a few people. But with the development of user friendly windows, the launch of the internet and the World Wide Web the world has turned into a global village. The barriers stand no more. We have mentally crossed all those barriers and we are now able to communicate with each other in a way which is most similar to the real time communication and interaction now you do not only get the chance to record and send but you can also look at each other in real time, walking and talking and no matter in which corner of the world you might be standing right now, you can always look at your home and your people without feeling alone or stranded at a foreign place at all.

With all these things there have been other things that have came into being and the life given to those things is by the internet. Education is one of the many things which are being revived and being spread to the entire world through the medium of internet. The future of online education is a question that is making people ponder at and spend time to see how and where it is going to take us.

Let’s just joggle our minds and see where the world would be with online education system. This we can do only by looking at the future prospects that the world of online education is begging to offer the world.

If the online system is provided in those areas where there are no specific universities made and the money that is spent on the making of the buildings, if it is spent in providing access to online education to everyone then a lot of students can get access to good education.

Contrary to this idea, there is idea that if no real time education and interaction is provided to the student then how they would be able to deal with people and life on an ordinary and practical level.

Similarly, the teaching at home can be given to benefit a few people but there are people who cannot cope with the online method of teaching and those who have no prior learning and usage of computers, how can they be accessed is another question.

With regard to the future of online education, there are many hopes and many barriers but so far, the world of internet has taken its toll for sure.


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