Foods You Should Not Eat Together


Sometimes a combination of healthy and notorious foods affect badly on our body only because of the combination that we make unknowingly. Along with that, wrong food combinations also cause food poisoning, stomach-aches nausea or many other similar problems. When two or more foods having different taste and energy effects are consumes together, they can overload the stomach, which results in inhibition of enzyme systems and production of toxins.

When the same foods are eaten separately, they are not only quickly digested but also provide energy. It is important to realize such food combinations and avoid them. Here is a list of foods that shouldn’t be eaten together. Read it carefully and never eat them together in your daily diet especially if you have a weak digestive system.

 Don’t drink milk with acidic foods.
 Don’t eat banana with milk
 Don’t eat Nigella, Honey, Fish and meat with milk.
 Don’t add lemon, vinegar or tamarind (imli) in milk before drinking it.
 Don’t eat jiggery (gur) by mixing it with milk.
 Don’t eat hot chapatti with yoghurt
 Don’t eat honey by mixing it with equal proportion of water.
 Applying honey on watermelon to make it more sweet is also dangerous in fact eating honey before or after eating watermelon is also equally dangerous.
 Don’t eat eggs with yoghurt
 The combination of pickle with yoghurt is also dangerous.
 Eating fruits like watermelons and bananas with egg is also dangerous.
 Eggs do not form a healthy combination with beans, fish, milk and meat either.
 The combination of cherries with milk is extremely dangerous for the body. It can even

cause the death. The most famous death by eating cherries with milk is of President Zachary Taylor who died in 1850.
 Always eat potatoes or other vegetables in the potato family after cooking them. Eating them raw can cause toxicities.
 Beans contain toxin especially kidney beans. Always eat kidney beans after soaking them in water overnight.

According to modern scientists, nutritionists, and hygienists. some combination of food can be very harmful to your body if they are eaten together. These combinations can be the cause of acidity, stomach pain, digestion, and excretion issues. Today we are describing some combination of foods that are fatal for the health of human body and shouldn’t be eaten together.

Banana and Milk Combination

Some of you might be amazed to know the combination of these two is fatal for health. Some people are crazy about banana shakes but the use of milk with any fruit including banana can be harmful. Banana and milk are two different foods. The effect of one is cold on the human body while the effect of other is hot. Try not to eat them together. Your stomach will be heavy, and you are going to feel quite bloated after having them. It also slows down the functioning of your brain and will fell quite fatigued after having it. It is also slow in digestion and can cause allergy and cough too.

Yogurt and Fruits Combination

Nutritionists and hygienics recommend not to combine any tart sour with dairy products. Dairy products like yogurt consist of many bacteria that are reactive to sugar inside the fruits. These combinations can be the cause of improper digestion. In the end these combinations can be the cause toxins, cough, cold, and allergies related to skin.

Meat and Cheese Combination

Cheese and meat both are very high in protein values. Mostly we add cubes of cheese in meat, eat meatballs of cheese or made a lump of meat in fondue. These dishes or combinations consist of the high value of protein. Our stomach is not able to digest that value of protein easily. It is good to add vegs in fondue instead of meat. So, you shouldn’t eat these combinations together too.

Sandwich and Coffee Combination

Many people love to have a breakfast of cheesy sandwich with coffee. This is the easiest and fast food available for breakfast. But here the question is raised that is it a good breakfast or it is medically right? The answer to that is no. Bread contains carbs while cheese contains calcium, they both didn’t let each other to digest properly. While the contents in sandwich had not digest properly, the coffee above that will be a great hazard for your digestion. Tea is a better option than coffee after the sandwich.

Pizza and Soda drink Combination

Who does not want to drink soda with or after the pizza? This is the most loved and favorite combination of everyone and this is the most used combination above all other combinations discussed. But this combination is also harmful to your health too. The nature of both pizza and soda drinks is acidic plus pizza is enriched with carbohydrates too. So, if you eat pizza with the combination of soda drinks it will cause improper digestion and can lead to serious stomach problems.

Meal and Water Combination

It is the habit of many people to drink water while eating food or having a proper meal. This thing can cause serious problems. While eating your stomach is breaking down proteins and fats from food and if you drink water between a while it neutralizes the acids of the stomach and lowers their capacity to break down proteins. It is always recommended by nutrients and by our elders to drink water atleast 5 to 10 minutes before having a meal. This will make your stomach to digest food properly. 

High proteins Combination

Every nutritionist recommends not to take two high proteins like eggs and meat together at the same time.Your stomach will not be able to digest two high protein foods at the same time. So if you have eaten some high protein food, give some time to your digest it properly then eat another high protein food. It is better to eat light first.

These are the only some of the most popular dangerous food combinations that we have mentioned there are many other as well. Most important thing is to understand the nature of your digestive system. Sometimes a stable food combination which is not dangerous to some people is dangerous to another. For instance digestive system of some people cannot digest the liver of a goat (kaleji), it causes them allergy. So it is important to know yourself that which food combination is hard for your digestive system to digest. It is not necessary that whatever you are not able to consume is the same for everyone. However, in all cases, prevention is better than cure.


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