Foods That Make You Sharp and Focused


Do u slump in office or you can’t concentrate on your assignment. Do you get irritated at home or work. More than hectic life style, stress, irregular sleep cycles and bad diets all contribute to consume your energy and ability to stay focused.

There are certain methods and ways that you can exercise to get your focus back and to stay sharp.

But we will tell you about some foods that can help you to stay alert and active and good thing is that you can add them into your diet plan.

Foods That Make You Sharp


We all use chicken frequently in our diets. Chicken has abundant supply of not only gives you energy but also increase your mental activity.

  • It raises iron level in body
  • It helps to pay attention, focus and spikes mental ability
  • It’s a protein rich diet that also makes you more energetic


Eggs has rich content of protein and fats that make you feel less hungry. In this way you can focus on your task more profoundly.

  • Egg yolk helps maintain sharp eyesight
  • Eggs have vitamin B that preserves cell structure of your brain

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has strong smell that can wake your brain from any deep slumber. It also invigorates your inner system to help you stay focused.

  • Mint is arousing so you can stay attentive and sharp


Beets juice is super rich diet. It improves the performance of athletes and helps to tackle dementia.

  • Beets contain nitrates that open blood vessels.
  • They increase the blood flow to brain to enhance the brain activity, which produces sharpness and alertness.


Peanuts and peanut butter contain fiber and protein that keep your stomach full for long time, even for 6 to 7 hours. It means that when you don’t feel desire to eat then you can fully concentrate on your job.

  • Peanut steadies blood sugar level and release hormones that make you less hungry.

Dry Fruit

Dry fruits are eaten by chewing and research has proved that by chewing you increase brain activity. It leads to alertness.

  • Dried apricots and apples provide sugar content that brain uses as energy source.
  • Dried fruits like almonds, are extremely rich in nutrients that make you sharp headed.


Fats provide you with mental benefit. Mono unsaturated fats like in Avocados not only makes your stomach flat but they provide energy to keep on for longer hours.

  • Avocados provide best kind of fat for better attention, concentration and memory speed


Breakfast makes you more alert and focused. Including carbohydrates in your breakfast will provide you with tremendous amount of energy.

  • Carbohydrates are source of quick energy for brain
  • Choose whole grains like quinoa, they don’t raise blood sugar level


It’s a vigorous herb with brain heightening abilities.

  • Sage can used fresh and dries with your salads and vegetables
  • It improves memory performance gives long lasting alertness
  • It makes brain work better cognitively
  • It saves from mental tiredness

We hope that these above mentioned foods will help you better focus on your tasks and will increase your mental aptitude.


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