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Marble is a beautiful and precious stone, used to construct buildings. Marble is being widely used in the building of houses, offices etc. people love to use marble to increase the beauty of the flour and the walls of bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. Marble is being used from the old times and liked by majority of the people, as it is a part of our tradition and culture. In ancient times, marble was used only in the making of king’s palaces or the houses of rich persons because of its high price and limited availability but now it is accessible for most of us. Now, marble is available in many colors and designs to give your house or office a unique and beautiful touch but marble needs to be clean on daily basis otherwise it looks ugly.
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Here Below are the useful cleaning tips on How to clean marble tiles of your home. All the tips are stated in Urdu language.

Removing stains from marble tiles is not an easy task. There is need to differentiate between granite and marble, it will be helpful in the floor cleaning of marble tiles. Marble is a soft stone as compared to the granite that means its cleaning procedure needs to be done with much care. Marble is more prone to the stains and for removing these stains people use vinegar and other commercial product, which is not an appropriate way of cleaning it. If you use commercial marble cleaners, it will affect the stone surface. If you want to know about the proper way to clean marble, follow these cleaning tips.

Daily cleaning of marble:
For daily cleaning, you need a soft cloth that you have to dip in water and rub on the walls or flour. It saves your money and time.

Floor Cleaning For removing Stains:
Acidic-based products like orange juice, tomato juice and soft drinks contain acid, which is harmful for the marble and causes discoloring. To remove that stains we are giving you some useful tips.

Coffee, tea and juice stains:
For removing coffee or tea stains, use the dish wash detergent, if the stains are tough, dip a towel in hydrogen per oxide and place it on the stain and cover it for 24 hours. After 24 hours remove the cover and check whether stains are removed or not. If stains are not removed then repeat this process.

Water and oil stains removal for Floor Cleaning:
Cover the stains with corn pulp to remove oil stains so that it absorbs the oil. After that, mix detergent in warm water then wash with it.

For shiny marble:
To maintain the shine of marble, wash it with baking soda then let it to be dry. After that, grind the chalk and mix it in water, dip a piece of soft cloth in it then rub it on the marble tiles.


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