Festivals of Pakistan – Islamic, National, & Provincial Festivals


In Pakistan, different festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Some are celebrated in the whole country, some at the provincial level and some in particular areas. Here we will list down all the festivals celebrated in Pakistan.

Islamic Festivals

Eid UL Fitr

Eid UL Fitr is celebrated throughout the country with the great religious spirit. It is celebrated on 1st Shawal after the end of Ramadan. The government declares three days public holidays on this occasion.

Eid UL Azha

This Eid is referred as ‘Bari Eid’ in Pakistan. It is celebrated on 10th Zil Haj, the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar. This Eid is celebrated in remembrance of Hazrat Ibrahim, people sacrifice animals. Sacrifice process starts soon after Eid till evening. People who are unable to sacrifice on 1st day perform this obligation on the 2nd day. Meat is primarily distributed among poor people. The government declares three days public holidays on this Eid as well.


This festival is celebrated on 14th of Shaban with great religious on this day. People offer prayers on this night and seek Allah for forgiveness on this holy day. Sweet dishes are cooked at homes and are exchanged among neighbors. The government declares a one-day public holiday on this occasion.

Eid Milad un Nabi

This festival is celebrated with great religious spirit by Bralevi Sunni Muslims of Pakistan. It is celebrated on 12th Rabi UL Awal. Holy Prophet [PBUH] was born on this day and this day is celebrated to cheer His arrival. Rallies are conducted throughout the country and Mehfil-e-Milad is organized. Mehfil-e-Milad mostly takes place at night and they continue for a whole month throughout the country. The government declares a one-day public holiday on this day.

National Festivals

Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated on 14th August. Special prayers are done in mosques for the country. Rallies and different ceremonies are conducted throughout the country, the government also announces one-day Public holiday on this great occasion.

Defense Day

Defense Day is celebrated on 6th September. It is celebrated in the remembrance of the 1965 war in which Pak forces successfully defended the city of Lahore against the Indian Army.

Air Force Day

It is celebrated on 7th September. On this day briefing is given about the latest aircraft of Pak Navy, air shows of these air craft’s are also conducted on the air base of Rawalpindi, Lahore, Sargodha, Peshawar, Quetta, and Risalpur. There is no public holiday on those days.

Provincial Festivals

Lok Mela

Lok Mela has celebrated in capital city Islamabad. It is held in the first week of October. People from all the provinces gather in Islamabad to represent their culture and tradition. All the people wear the traditional dress of their region to represent their province. There are folk songs, dances and music contests on Lok Mela.


This festival is celebrated on 14-15 May in Kalash Valleys to welcome springs. People sing folk song and dance to welcome spring.

Shandur Polo Festival

This festival is celebrated in Shandur and Gilgit when two teams met to play Polo matches on the highest Polo Ground in the world.


A festival celebrated in Lahore in the first week of March to welcome spring. Kite flying is the most prominent feature of this festival.


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