Is Facebook A Waste Of Time??


Facebook is a social web site, which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and launched in 2004. Actually the Web site was initially limited to the Harvard students only but later it was expanded to other colleges in that area. It expanded quite rapidly and now it has 900 million users worldwide. It has both the beneficial and harmful aspects. It has enormously affected the social life of the general public and has positive & negative impacts.

Following are some positive aspects of Facebook

  • With the help of Facebook you can find your old friends and reconnect with them.
  • You can always be in touch with your friends.
  • You can share data with your friends and family and keep them updated.
  • It is very beneficial for businesses, as it has a huge impact in the form of advertisements and special pages dedicated to various businesses. By providing detailed information about products, it also becomes easy for the customers to choose the best product.
  • You can join different groups, pages and communities as per your interests.
  • You can make new friends.
  • You can share your favorite music, videos, and other information to your friends and can also play games.
  • It is very informative as well, as you can get every type of information from Facebook.

With all these positive aspects Facebook is also having some weak areas, Like

  • It is a huge wastage of time because many people spend most of their important time on Facebook in wasteful activities.
  • Facebook is addictive for most of the people.
  • There can be misuse of data which is shared on Facebook because of the privacy issues like worldwide Facebook has become the photo identification data base.
  • Spam: is another factor that is very common. Having notifications from people you don’t even know is just a waste of time. Even if you block all these applications you keep getting the invitations.
  • Facebook distract quality of relations and undermines the value of interpersonal relationships as you cannot replace the person to person interaction with the internet interaction.
  • It does not provide valuable contacts.
  • It is a major distracter from learning.

Nothing can be perfect in the world. Perfection is a myth. Whenever human beings invent something new they simultaneously start to notice its demerits as well. Same is the case with the Facebook. The results rely on the users whether they want to extract positives or negatives out of it. If we conclude we can easily establish a fact that Facebook has more positives then the negatives. People should explore more positives out of it and shield themselves against the negatives.


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