Eye Makeup to Make Eyes Look Bigger


How to Apply Eye Makeup to Make Eyes Look Bigger: Eyes are one of the elemental aspects of beauty and big and wide eyes are always considered gorgeous. Eye shapes vary from person to person and similarly eye makeup is also different for different types of eyes.

Beauty and makeup experts have introduced various techniques for women with small eyes that can help them make their eyes look wider and bigger. Through these makeup tactics and the use of colors, one can make their eyes look attractive and prettyMakeup is an art of playing with colors on a face and the intelligent use of colors can give your eyes an entirely different look. Therefore, you should always choose makeup colors wisely, especially for your eyes.

Following are some of the tips vital for eye makeup to make eyes look bigger and wider. These tips will also help you add beauty to your looks manifolds.

  • First of all, pluck your eyebrows according to the shape of your face. Making your eyebrows in accordance to your face adds a lot of elegance to it.
  • After that apply eyebrow pencil of brown color or you can select the pencil color in accordance with your hair color on the eyebrows; it gives them a naturally filled look. Liquid eyebrow liners are also available that are quite long lasting.
  • Now comes the selection of eye shadow color; you should choose the color that matches with your dress or the color that looks pretty. Light colored eye shades are helpful to make your eyes to look wide and bright.
  • Once you select the color, the next step is the application of that color. Start applying eye shadow of light color from the inner corner of the eye lid and then apply dark color on its outer corner. Then blend both colors in but don’t blend the eye shadow applied on the outer corner because it gives a deep look to the eyes.
  • Just below the eyebrow bone, apply white eye shade to maintain a natural look of eyes and make your eyes prominent.
  • Without eye liner and mascara your eye makeup is incomplete. You can use liquid eye liner as well. For fine touch try to draw the eye line with single stroke then apply double coats of mascara in the end.
  • Mascara and eyeliner are available in a variety of colors but avoid applying light colors because a dark effect to the eyes looks more beautiful.
  • The combination of some colors can add beauty to your eyes like black and silver, dark blue and silver, white and light blue, deep pink with black and silver, shiny blue and black.

Eye Makeup to Make Eyes Look Bigger in Urdu


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