Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes


Eyes are the greatest manifest feature on our face and it is a key attention area in makeup creativity. It is a desire of many women to have big, young looking eyes. Unluckily, nature does not always conjoin and we are not all left with our ideal eye size and shape. But still it does not matter either you have small set eyes or you just want to make them modern. Here are some quick and easy tips that are fantastic ways to help your eyes appear larger and get your peepers exploding.
In case you have small or tiny eyes, it is significant that they are not too thick nor too thin, as to not magnet attention from the eyes. If whatsoever, your eyebrows should be a little more lengthened on the outside corners, so fill them in using a brow pencil to have the wanted effect. This would fall into position nicely once you have extended the form of your eyes as well, in order to make them seem bigger.
White eyeliner is helpful: A general rule in makeup is that dark colors retreat and light colors emphasize and bring features forward. Using a white liner in your waterline instead of black will provide brightness to your eyes that will give the allusion of larger eyes.
Use toupees: 
The use of false eyelashes can do wonders for your eyes. They draw in extra attention while providing a beautiful frame around your eyes. Eyelashes have the ability to take any look from good to glam.
Line your upper lid:
Using liner on the upper lid provides a visual eyelift. Too many times I see women line their lower waterline and neglect the top lid. This causes your eyes to look droopy and tired.
Avoid line the entire lid: 
Lining your entire lid when you already have very small eyes can pawn the purpose of liner and cause your eyes to look even smaller. If you naturally have small eyes try only lining the outer two thirds of the lid.
Light sparkle eye shadow
With almost every look I create, I top it off with a bit of silver gold eye shadow on the inner corners of my eyes. You only need the tiniest bit for it to make a difference. This little trick catches light in all the right ways to make your eyes look slightly larger than they actually.
Use Multiple colors Eyeshadows: 
Multiple colors on your lid to create depth and dimension. For example, blue eyeliner paired with a purple eye shadow will give your eyes a dramatic pop.
Light eye shadows: 
A lighter color will open up and brighten your eyes instead of a dark eye shadow will cause your eyes to appear smaller. Dark colors recede and light colors emphasize. This applies to eye shadow as well.
8) Shape your eyebrows: Exact and accurate eyebrow shape will create an eye opening effect while creating a frame for your face. Neglected or ill managed eyebrows can take the focus away from the other features on your face.


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