Excess of Vitamin D Side Effects


Vitamins are necessary for good health and growth. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that is also produced artificially with the UV rays. This vitamin is also known as Anti Rickets medicine. An optimum amount of vitamin is required by the human body for protection against diseases and proper functioning of the different internal system like blood circulation etc. But over-consumption of vitamin D can create health problems like poor immune system affecting the entire body mechanism. A very limited quantity of vitamin D is required by the human body. According to experts 5mcg of vitamin D is required by the body. More than that can be harmful for the human being. Other side effects of vitamin D are discussed in this article for your guidance.

  • Excessive intake of vitamin D makes intestines to absorb more calcium that affect the blood circulation due to high calcium in blood.
  • Vitamin D can affect your heart pumping, brain working and kidney as well. It can create blockage in the renal tubules, which is very painful and could result in a stroke or a heart attack.
  • Excess of vitamin D stiffens the veins for the passage of blood.
  • Polyuria and Renal failure can be the result of taking too much Vitamin D. Uterus infection is another side effect of Vitamin D that causes pain and selling.
  • Its excessive intake by mouth causes nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, metallic taste and loss of appetite.
  • Overdose of vitamin D creates kidney stone. The symptoms of this disease are vomiting and headache.
  • Be careful while eating edibles with vitamin D because it can cause mental retardation and muscles weakness.
  • Muscles cramp is common result of high level of vitamin D that leads to weak muscles joints (osteoporosis).
  • If the level of vitamin D increased in the body it causes the deficiency of magnesium. This deficiency causes sleeplessness, constipation, heart palpitation, headache, restlessness.
  • To avoid anxiety and depression avoid the intake of vitamin D.
  • The rich source of vitamin D is sunlight that is why it is said that long hour’s sunlight exposure is not healthy for human beings.
  • Vitamin is popular for the treatment of weak bones, bones pain, hyperparathyroidism; it’s a disease of bone loss and making bones strong. But keep in mind that only a reasonable amount of vitamin D is required by the body. Extra vitamin D cause many other diseases.


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