Etiquettes of Eating in Islam | Khana Khaney Ke Adaab


Islam is a complete guideline for each and every aspect of our lives. While eating, we should follow certain steps that are described by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and which are necessary for maintaining a healthy body. Do read the etiquettes of eating in Islam in the following lines.
• You should wash your hands completely before and after having the meal. Some people only reserve to wash only one hand or some fingers that is not correct.
• One should recite “Bismillah” that is the only way of surviving the life and for the health of your body. You should say it with a loud voice so that other people also hear it and say it along with you.
• Do not put anything on the bread. We should respect this blessing of God. Some people serve the meal while putting a bowl on the bread which is against the etiquettes of eating in Islam.
• Eat with right hand. Not only the eating, there are many activities for which Islam has enforced us to use the right hand.
• If some part of the bread has been dropped down, you should pick it, clean it and eat it. It will be a good activity and also included in the teachings of our beloved prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
• Do not eat too hot food as it can harm the internal parts of mouth. Avoid blowing on food as it is against the etiquettes.
Similarly, many points have been mentioned in the following Urdu article on the “Khana Khaney ke Adaab”. Read it and act upon the advices to amuse God by acting upon the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (SAW).


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