Eid Gift Ideas


Eid is the special occasion for the Muslims, which comes twice a year. The entire Muslim community shares happiness and exchanges gifts on the day of Eid. People get together on Eid days, forgo their issues for the time being and enjoy blessings of Allah bestowed upon them. Eid ul Fitr is celebrated on the first day of Shawal after the Holy month of Ramadan according to the Hijri calendar. It fosters a feeling of singularity, a sense of mutual responsibility and love for other Muslims around us. To increase the mutual affection, people love to share gifts with their families and friends to and all of us love to exchange gifts with each other. But, what should be given as gift is a problem for most of us. An exclusive list of gift ideas for Eid ul Fitr is given below that is certainly going to help you out.
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One of the best thing that can be gifted on Eid is a good perfume. Everyone, of us likes perfumes and if it is gifted intelligently, it will always remind of the person who gifted it. There are thousands of brands of perfumes offering a variety of fragrances. Separate brands have been introduced for women, men and children so that you can select the best one from that range. Some of those awesome perfumes make excellent gifts

Colognes for men:

  • Joy
  • Eternity
  • Armani code
  • L’ Homme
  • French cologne
  • Topcapi

Perfumes for men:

  • Open club
  • Artistic
  • Obsession
  • Ferrari
  • Hugo Boss
  • Desire
  • Cigar

Perfumes for Women:
Women usually like light and cool fragrances like Aqua Blue, Blue Feelings, White Diamond, Shalis. In addition, you can use your previous insight into what your women would like to have on her dressing table. Choosing the right fragrance for your lady, that makes her feel special is more important than going for something expensive.

Gifts for women:
The gifts for women and young girls are different from the casual type of gifts. Perfect gifts for women on Eid can be the bangles, dress, jewelry etc. Shiny hair bands are in vogue these days so you can also buy these bands for girls. Handbag is also a good idea to gift someone.

Gifts for Men:
Stuff for gifts of men differs from women and due to limited options. And if your man is even a bit choosy, things can be a little complicated. Still, Shirts, T- shirts or dress shirts are included in the list of good options for gifts. Because this Eid is coming in summer, it is better you choose cotton fabrics in half sleeves to make your gift ideal for him. You can also consider buying a watch because men and young boys like to wear watches. Swatch, Rolex and Rado are the famous brands of watches. The genuine watcher are quite expensive, however some of the leading watch stores have good quality replicas of these expensive watches, which are also quite affordable. Other suitable options for gifts for men are wallets, cufflinks, shaving kits and ties.

Children Gifts for Eid:
Buying a gift for children is very tricky. Sometimes they like one thing and at the next moment they want to have something else in their inventory. Often a bag of candy would do the job, however it is not always a good idea. It is not about their choice but their mood, which matters a lot. Hand them over a set of monopoly game or snakes and ladders, this eid so they have a good family time with you.


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