Education System of Pakistan


Since the independence of Pakistan, we are unable to understand that what is good for us and what is bad. Sometimes, we pretend to be good Muslims but at some occasions, we exactly behave like western countries, adopting their rituals and traditions. Same is the case with education system of Pakistan. The amendment in the course material each year has devastated the whole educational infrastructure of our country. Even we are not able to determine the language of syllabus whether it should be in Urdu or English. In spite of Urdu, being the national language of Pakistan, the English syllabus is given preference. What kind of inferiority complex is driving us to ignore our national language? The children, on the other hand, also find it very difficult to focus on studies because of regular alteration in the syllabuses. The new syllabus is more tough and equivalent to that of higher education. For controlling the education system in Pakistan, the ministry of education and provincial governments are playing their vital role while the Federal government is just assisting them by providing the research materials. Our educational system consists of five ages:

  1. Primary (From 1 to 5 class)
  2. Middle (From 6 to 8 class)
  3. Secondary (9th and 10th class)
  4. Intermediate (11th and 12th)
  5. Higher Education (From third year to onwards)

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Education System in Pakistan – Education System of Pakistan is facing lots of problems, read those problems with their solutions in Urdu below.

There are several problems with the education system of Pakistan. Students are facing many problems as there are different schools of thought prevailing in Pakistan. One is in favor of traditional way of educating people and other are in favor of modern way. The nature of the system prevailing in Pakistan is theoretical. Knowledge is not provided with wisdom. In the past, students were taught to be humble, to practice the rules of religion, to obey their parents and respect their teachers. But today, being inspired of glamour of western civilization our students have forgotten the noble ideals and their culture.
The hold of British rules is still there. In the name of secular education system our system has become senseless, that the students do not feel any sense of patriotism. They have no passion for the truth and progress of the country.


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