The woman of this era is seeking the kindness of the Parliament for her economical rights. Often, she loses her identity due to the cruelty of men. The western society has given freedom to the women in every matter of her life which has lessened her value in the society. But Islam has given the rights of women to participate in every matter of life 1400 years ago.

Economic Rights Of Women In Islam

Islam also allows women to run their own business and in the severe situation, a woman can do a job. But Islam has restricted every such activity in which the beauty of women is revealed to an excessive level like modeling and acting.

There are no words in Quran which restrict a woman to work. It is also true that some restrictions are specified in Islam for the working conditions of woman and at the same time, Islam has restricted male individuals to force a woman to work.

Islam has allowed a woman to work in such departments where she has to interact with other women like she can become a gynecologist or a nurse. If a woman has to make her living on her own basis, it is also allowed in Islam. That is why, the first Muslim woman Hazrat Khadija (R.A) was involved in trading business.

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Working Restrictions for Women:

If we talk about the working of women in factories and similar departments, it is also permitted. But the conditions of that place should accomplish the rules of Islam i.e. separate departments for men and women. Islam does not allow the match of male and female sector at one place. Similarly, if Islam allows a woman to do a business, she will have to use the assistance of her brother, father, husband or any other blood relation in order to negotiate with the strange persons. It is interesting to know that a woman possesses many economical rights in Islam than any other. The responsibility of a woman lies on the shoulders of father and brother before her marriage. And after the marriage, her husband is responsible for fulfilling her needs. There is a complete freedom for woman to enjoy their economical rights.

Right of “Mehar”:

It is a legal right for a woman to get “Mehar” according to Islamic laws. But nowadays, there are many quarrels on the basis of “Mehar”. Islam has not specified any limit for the amount of “Mehar” but it does not meant to be used in negative sense. The father of bride demands a huge amount for “Mehar” which is not affordable by the groom and as a result, the family of groom demands the relative amount of dowry that is not affordable by the family of bride.

The Curse of Dowry:

“Dowry is forbidden in Islam”
If it is demanded directly or indirectly, it is prohibited in Islam. Let’s take an example of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) that what he had given as dowry to her daughter Hazrat Fatima R.A. instead of the fact that He (S.A.W) was the cousin of Hazrat Ali (R.A) and He (S.A.W) had given some gifts to Hazrat Ali (R.A) which is now considered as dowry. Now we force the family of bride to give away a flat, car or something else.

The demand for dowry in Islam is not right from any point of view. The family of groom cannot demand it whether in hidden words or openly. If the family of bride wants to give something as gifts, they should accept that open heartedly. But no force should be there for the demand of dowry. Similarly, if a woman makes some income or she has some means of income, these are her own property. She is not forced to spend even a penny for her family. She can use it for her own benefits.

Islam has kept women away from the economical responsibilities. But if study other religions of the world, the difference will be clear. Islam has given the rights to woman in the property of her father. There are complete details in Quran regarding the share of a woman in her father’s inheritance. And these were prescribed 1400 years ago. If complete study of Islamic teachings is made, it will be clear that Islam is the only religion in the world that preserves the rights of woman in a comprehensive manner.



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