Ear Infection: Symptoms and Precautions


Ear infection is one of those health concerns that can occur any time. Ear being one of the most sensitive parts of the body has its own natural mechanism for infection prevention. Still, the ear is prone to different viral and bacterial attacks. In most cases, the infection occurs in the outer side of the ear. However, the bacteria or virus can also attack other parts of the ear resulting in a lot of pain. Ear infection can cause pain (Kaan ka Dard) and it is categorized in two types; Otitis Media and Otitis Externa.

Otitis Media:

Otitis media is the infection of middle part of the ear that causes the swelling and pus (fluid behind the derm). Symptoms of Otitis media infections are high temperature, headache, weakness, and pain.

Otitis Externa:

As its name shows that it is the infection of outermost part of the ear and the symptoms of this infection are pain in ear and problem in hearing.

In case of both infections, you should consult to the doctor because if it gets serious, you can also lose your sense of hearing. If you cannot access the doctor instantly then you can try our useful home tips of ear infection that are given below.

  • In case of severe pain you should use garlic juice. Put few drops of garlic juice in your ear because garlic has the ability to kill germs. You can also eat a small piece of garlic to avoid pain.
  • If you have water in your year, use a clean cotton ball to clean it.
  • Blow dryer should be kept at least 10 to 12 inches away from the ear if you have to use it.
  • Warm olive oil can give you relief from severe pain. 2 or 3 drops of olive oil are enough for the treatment of ear infection and swelling as well.
  • You diet should have sufficient quantity of vitamin C and zinc in your diet to fight against infections.
  • Don’t touch your ear or the place where you are infected again and again. It can further aggravate or spread the condition.
  • Aspirin is never a good choice to control the pain during infection. It has harmful effects.

Precaution is better than cure:

  • Make sure that you maintain good hygiene because poor hygiene badly affects your health and your body is more prone to different infections.
  • Wash your hands before and after having meal.
  • Minimize the use of antibiotics.
  • Vaccination is very important to protect yourself from bacterial and viral attacks.
  • Flu is a contagious disease so one should avoid the direct contact with people having flu.
  • In any case, minor or major, self medication is not recommended. Always consult a seasoned medical practitioner for any medical condition.


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